South Africa – Explore Fabulous Exotic Holiday Locations

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Exploring the beautiful and exotic locations around South Africa can be an exhilarating experience. Today we are going to discover the region of Mpumalanga, northern part of the country.

Mpumalanga a region known for the land of the big five game reserves private and government owned. Everybody who visits this rainbow nation must plan a visit to one of the many game reserves in this region. They offer a vast number of animals including magnificent lions and leopards and other game to see. Organized game drives with tour guides, and accommodation of five star qualities are available. Indulge in the luxury hotels and resorts and enjoy cocktails under the sizzling sky surrounded by the beautiful scenery and modernized buildings. A setting in paradise.

A premier tourist destination displaying magnificent scenery. It is known as paradise, and there would be few regions in the world to match the extraordinary beauty of this part of the country.
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Panoramic passes, rolling hills, fabulous valleys, rivers, enchanting waterfalls, and evergreen forests. Characteristic the most heavenly place to experience. Wildlife and birds to capture the essence of divinity.

Historically this area is well known for its surge of gold diggers during the 1800s and their quaint homes and life style of that era reflect the outstanding beauty placed among the modernized development encamped with natural unspoiled beauty.
Besides the vast array of game reserves with true beauty and game drives to amaze, there are some notable tourist attractions.

Graskop a town with a vast amount of historical data and boasting a silk farm. Visits to the silk farm are not only captivating. This unique African development is enterprising, and you will indulge in the wonderment of the manufacturing process to the finished products, ranging from silk scarves to bedding and clothing. Taking the silk process further, you can experience the skin care products. An appealing restaurant is situated here, and visitors can indulge in homemade light meals and refreshments. A firm favorite is the homemade ginger beer. Indulge in the endless beauty of the country while touring this star attraction.

A must see is the town of Barberton, stroll down the heritage walk and see the incredible historical relic from the past. Visit the Barberton museum and delve into the spirited past of the first South African settlers and their conceptual lifestyles. Then indulge yourself as you remember the famous Barberton Steam Locomotive from 1899. This town as do all others in this divine area boasts some of the finest hotels, guesthouses, or lodges with five star ratings. You are sure to find a suitable accommodation to meet all your requirements. The friendly and caring people will leave you with a longing to return to the picturesque places. A part of the divine beauty in this beautiful area will indeed feel like a touch of heaven.
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The natural well-preserved beauty of Mpumalanga remains a constant spectacular area where heaven meets earth.

You cannot ignore a visit to the most breathtaking place on earth. God’s Window. The memorable scene will leave you breathless. Unimaginable beauty captured among natural wonders to cascading waterfalls and impressive mountain gorges. Majestic cliffs. God’s window on the Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve is a fantastic viewpoint, and along the reserve you can partake in hiking, horse and mountain bike trails.

This is the largest green canyon in the world, the Blyde River Canyon stretches from Bourke’s Luck Potholes to the Three Rondavels (westernized version of the African-style hut), near Blydepoort Dam. There are the beautiful Mac Mac Falls to experience.

Visiting this exotic part of Mpumalanga is a mesmerizing experience not to be missed. The luxurious beauty, delightful weather, and friendly people of the rainbow nation will leave you wanting to return to this part of the world time after time.

Written by Laura Oneale