Tim Tebow has no future in NFL at Quarterback

For Tim Tebow, the dream of being an NFL quarterback may be over.
For Tim Tebow, the dream of being an NFL quarterback may be over.

The dreaded roster cut is fast approaching NFL camps, depth charts will have to be trimmed from the 90 or so players currently practicing on each of the 32 teams all the way down to the 53 that we will see on Sundays during the regular season. While no cut is an easy decision to make, the New England Patriots may have the easiest choice in the league when determining who their backup quarterback for one simple reason. Tim Tebow has no future at quarterback in the NFL.

A former Heisman Trophy winner at the University of Florida, Tebow’s became a sensation while turning around the Denver Broncos season and leading them to the playoffs in 2011. How could it be that at just 26 years old and with such a resume and an outstanding character to boot that Tebow’s dream of being an NFL quarterback has come to such an abrupt end?

Because he was never that good to begin with.

His college numbers were off the charts at Florida, although there were already warning signs that his transition to the professional game would not be a smooth one. For starters his throwing motion was unconventional to say the least, and not in a good way. The coaching staff tried many times to alter his delivery, failing every time.

Claims of fixing Tebow’s throwing motion date all the way back to 2008 with then Florida coach Urban Meyer. Still an issue to this offseason, when his mentors claimed they had finally solved the riddle of Tebow’s throwing motion.

If you’ve seen a New England Patriots preseason game however, you know that they have failed to do so. He still can not throw a football.

It is nearly impossible to put up as bad of numbers as Tim Tebow has in his two preseason appearances. They make Mark Sanchez look elite. And that is saying something.

In his first game with the Patriots, Tebow went an embarrassing 4 for 12 passing for just 55 yards. He was also sacked thrice for 23 yards lost. Nowhere near good enough to justify keeping him as a backup quarterback, let alone the red zone threat some fans hoped he could become. W

Things turned downright embarrassing for Tebow in the team’s second preseason game. 1 for 7 passing. That is not a typo. And that isn’t even the worst of it. He lost yardage by completing his one pass, going for -1 yards. He also through an interception.

And then the third week of the preseason… He didn’t even play, perhaps showing that Bellichick has realized no matter how much he says Tebow is improving, he cannot make it so.

Some scouts have noted that his skills are regressing rather than developing. That he is no longer the quarterback he was at Florida. Now these scouts believe that Tebow is no longer even fit to play quarterback in the Arena League.

They site his speed in three categories as reasons he is not going to be an NFL quarterback again. “His throwing motion, his mental acuity and his ability to avoid tacklers” are no longer at the level where they need to be to have a career playing professional quarterback.

This is not to say that Tebow could not rebound and find a way to have an NFL career, he just won’t do so passing the football. I have said before that Tim Tebow’s best value to the Patriots would be as a tight end. If coach Bill Belichick grows tired of seeing Tebow throw duck after duck in the general vicinity of his receivers, yet wants to keep him around, it eventually will click to work him out at tight end.

Tebow has the size to be effective at the position at 6’3″ and 236 lbs. He is a big body that has the ability to avoid a defender or two. He has proven himself to be a threat with the ball in his hands while with the Florida Gators and Denver Broncos.

Playing tight end would enable him to get the ball in one on one situations, which perhaps would enable him to show off his moves more so than at the quarterback position when the entire defense is focusing on his every move.

Regardless of whether or not he picks another position and salvages his NFL career, it is becoming more and more clear that the dream of playing quarterback in the NFL is over for Tim Tebow.

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