UN Vehicles Mass Repair Operation in Progress


Various places in and around South Africa are mass-producing or repairing vehicles used in “war situations.” People are asking why are these companies manufacturing, repairing and acquiring these vehicles which seem to be a top priority. An emphasis of urgency is noted from all the different dealers around the country partaking in this exercise.UN2

Many of these vehicles all marked “UN”, United Nations presumably,  have been spotted at different locations around South Africa. This is now spreading concern from members of the public who are starting to ask questions.

UN 3There are people asking what the government is planning, and if there is a reason for this mass repair production? The public want to know if this is to coincide with the Mandela death issue or are they preparing for the 2014 elections?

Speculation surrounding this issue is alive as everyday more and more photographs are appearing on the Internet, as well as other channels of communication between concerned citizens are on the uptake.

It appears that some workshops are operating with the urgent repairs of these vehicles, replacing gearbox, engines, brakes and any other part that needs to be changed. Then the vehicles are sprayed with white paint, and the bold “UN” letters are painted onto the sides of the vehicles.

UN 1

It has now emerged that some of these vehicles are equipped with mountings for gunships. This of course raised a greater concern for the people who have witnessed these noticeable vehicles and workshops that are in the process of undertaking the repair structures.

People do not want to identify the cities or give too much evidence regarding these operations for fear of safety and intimidation from the organization behind this key repair operation. UN 4

People seem to be more attentive to unusual actions of what is actually transpiring here in South Africa as UN vehicles undergo a mass repair operation now in progress. The majority of the public have remained cautious to any unforeseen events transpiring, as they do not want to be drawn into an unknown situation.

Written by Laura Oneale

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