Usher Retains Custody of His Sons



Tameka Foster Raymond, the ex wife of singer, Usher Raymond, took the singer to court on Friday.  Foster Raymond filed an emergency motion seeking custody of the couple’s two children after their five year old son, Usher Raymond, nearly drowned in a swimming pool accident this week.

While in the care of his paternal aunt, Rena Oden at his father’s Atlanta home, Usher Raymond V jumped into the swimming pool to retrieve a toy.  His arm became caught in the pool’s filter and he was unable to surface. Several people jumped into the pool and rescued the boy. Foster Raymond testified that she does not believe Ms. Oden can keep up with the two young children.  She also complained that Raymond does not keep her well informed of events that occur in the lives of the children, “They come home with bags of medicine. I don’t know why or what illness or who’s taking them to the doctor… he doesn’t confer with me regarding anything, nothing,”

Foster Raymond became extremely emotional while testifying, “I don’t know if my son is going to have a brain defect. I don’t know if his heart is operating correctly. I don’t know if my son’s going to be 100% the boy he was before this incident.” Foster Raymond lost her 11 year old son, Kile Glover, in a watercraft accident last year.

Usher Raymond testified that he has kept Foster Raymond abreast of changes to the children’s caregivers and that he will remain in Atlanta for the rest of August. Ms. Oden also took the stand. Oden testified that she does have a back disability but that she can swim and that she knows CPR. “I know how to take care of children,” Oden said

Fulton County Superior Court Judge, John Groger ruled that the five year old’s accident did not constitute an emergency situation that required the children to be removed from their father’s custody.  “What happened here was an awful accident and… I’m not certain that had any single person been at the poolside that one person could have done any better than Ms. Oden. And Ms. Oden did impress me as a capable caregiver,” Goger said. The judge also addressed Tameka Foster Raymond directly: “Your standards for caregivers are rather high,” Goger remarked that most people have been watched by a grandmother or aunt. Goger did instructor Usher to keep his ex-wife informed whenever he traveled without the children and to always let her know who would be caring for the children in his absence.

Usher Raymond V is recovering from the accident at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Hospital, he is breathing without assistance and eating normally.

Usher Raymond was awarded primary custody of 5 year old Usher V and 4 year old, Naviyd last year.

By Karen Walcott