4.7 Earthquake Shakes Kaktovik Alaska


On Sunday, a 4.7 magnitude earthquake hit in Alaska. It occurred 104 km SSW of Kaktovik, Alaska. The mild quake occurred at a depth of 1.0 km or .6 miles and no damage has so far been reported because of the earthquake. The quake registered 4 on the Mercalli scale.

The earthquake happened at 2:52:07 p.m. local time, and 22:52:04 UTC.
The nearest volcano to the epicenter of the earthquake is 601 km away, at a location known as Buzzard Creek, and the exact coordinates of where it occurred are 69° 10.722, 144° 29.868, according to the USGS.

Nearby cities included Kaktovik, Alaska, which is located 111 km (69mi) SSW of the quake’s epicenter; College, Alaska, located 502 km (312 mi) NNE from the epicenter; Fairbanks, Alaska, which is 503 km (313 mi) NNE of the epicenter; and Badger, Alaska, 505 km (314 mi) NNE of the quake’s epicenter.

The earthquake is the latest in a series of quakes that have been reported in the region this month. No tsunamis have been reported linked to the earthquake, and nobody has reported any damage resulting from the mild quake.

The website EarthquakeReport.com refers to the quake as a “moderate” one.

Another website, RSOE EDIS, describes how people would generally feel if they experienced a 4.7 earthquake:

Most people indoors feel movement. Hanging objects swing. Dishes, windows, and doors rattle. The earthquake feels like a heavy truck hitting the walls. A few people outdoors may feel movement. Parked cars rock.”

However, there have been no mentions at this point of anyone who felt the earthquake.


Written by: Douglas Cobb

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