50 Shades of Grey Ridiculous Quotes and Then Some

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The 50 Shades of Grey movie is due for release next August. Charlie Hunnam and Dakota Johnson are already posing for some smoldering shots of the highly anticipated screen adaption. E.L. James has collected an impressive array of fans, across the globe. In addition to her “yay” peeps, is her “uh nay” viewers. There are many reasons one can point to 50 Shades of Grey as a “no” on the read list. Beyond, the serious approach of scrutiny is the “oh my God, no she didn’t!” writing of James. There are some pretty ridiculous quotes in this skim-worthy book, and then some.

  1. He’s my very own Christian Grey popsicle.
  2. The orange juice tastes divine. It’s thirst-quenching and refreshing.
  3. I must be the color of the communist manifesto.
  4. Vomiting profusely is exhausting.
  5. My very small inner goddess sways in a gentle victorious samba.
  6. We lie there, panting together, waiting for our breathing to slow. He gently strokes my hair … Boy … I Survived. That wasn’t so bad. I’m more stoic than I thought. My inner goddess is prostrate … well, at least she’s quiet.
  7. Because I’m fifty shades of f**ked-up, Anastasia.
  8. Never trust a man who can dance.
  9. I gasp, and I’m Eve in the Garden of Eden, and he’s the serpent, and I cannot resist.
  10. “I’m a Dominant.” His eyes are a scorching gray, intense.

There is a basket more of available memorable sayings from the books, but these, from my first read- created a guffaw. Yes, a complete guffaw. Overall, the premise of the story is what saves these ridiculous quotes from ruining the books. 50 Shades of Grey has a following because women and men can enjoy the sphere of S&M from a safe distance, as the reader.

Famous romance writer, Barbara Taylor-Bradford slammed the series and E.L. James. She called the book “badly written,” and stated the only saving grace of Christian Grey was his wealth. Ouch. There has been other certain slams against the author, such as from another Grey. 50 shades of annoyance stemmed from porn star Sasha Grey, who called E.L. James a “sex amateur,” the infamous 25-year-old porn star stated she is writing her own book. Grey states she has the experience James lacks to set forth a best-selling erotica novel.

An infamous quote that is wince-worthy
An infamous quote that is wince-worthy

Regardless, of the smack talk against James, she is laughing all of the way to the bank. She recently defeated J.K. Rowling and James Patterson as the wealthiest author on the Forbes top 100 author list. The S&M mistress raked in over $95 million to grab the top spot. Erika Leonard, now known as E.L. James started off, the way many amateur writers begin.  James wrote fanfic based on the Twilight series, penned by another critically acclaimed author, Stephanie Meyer.

From there, James became popular in writing circles for her risqué materials. Fans clamored for more and James was happy to oblige. She launched the initial 50 Shades of Grey trilogy on the writers site: The Writers’ Coffee Shop. The rest is money-making history- since the publishing of the books globally, James went from a small circle of writers friends to claiming the silver screen. There are many quotes throughout the series, that admittingly are ridiculous and then some. Furthermore, is the stunning success from this novice author, inspiring others they too can reach for the stars. Do you have your own quotes to add from the books? My personal favorite? I can tell from his accent that he’s British.

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