About Miley Cyrus and GTA V

The month of September, 2013, undoubtedly belongs to Miley Cyrus and the  GTA V. Both, Miley Cyrus and GTA V dominated the headlines in this month and the euphoria about both is not going to die out soon, not at least in the foreseeable future.

Miley Cyrus, with her antics both on and off the stage, had the paparazzi spend sleepless night trying to uncover a new lead or find a new twist to file the latest story about her. The same is true about the the phenomenal success of GTA V.

To some, this list must also include the the iPhone 5’s by Apple Inc, but a respected Germany based hackers group the Chaos Computing Club, popularly known as CCC, crashed their party though, after they had made millions of their not-so-perfect smart phones.

Sorry for the digression,  according to the law of nature and/or the law of averages, what goes up is sooner or later to come, in some instances, crashing down. A situation like the ground moving out from under your feet. In addition, the faster the rise, the risk of crashing down at a similar pace is ever present.

What is being implied here in this post is that both Miley Cyrus and the GTA V  are sooner or later going to loose their allure. So both are trying to garner as much fame and fortune as long as lady luck kindly showers her bounties on them.

When the inevitable crash comes, the GTA franchise will turn out a better version of the game, simple as that.

But it is not at all simple in situations where the humans are involved. Miley Cyrus will not be able to take this turn of events well. Because when you become accustomed to certain set of circumstances, they sort of become second nature and as it is said that bad habits die hard, so do the good ones.

The signs of the downward slide of Miley Cyrus have started to show, for instance, the complaints by certain individuals and groups that her onstage persona is not a healthy role model for the children. The days when children insisted that they wanted to see an episode of Hanna Montana and the parents gave permission right away, are over. Nowadays, the parents ensure that their children are busy doing something else or are politely asked to go out and play at the mere mention of her name, whether it only be a news piece about her on the the television, a blog about her on the internet or a newspaper carrying her nude photo sitting on the wrecking ball.

The same is the case with GTA V, especially after some teenagers tried to kill their grandmother.  But some, who perhaps blind in their adoration of the game insist that violent video games, especially GTA V, have no influence whatsoever on the innocent and immature minds of the kids, are talking humbug.

All said, may lady luck smile on Miley Cyrus and the GTA V, forever.

Written By: Iftikhar Tariq Khanzada