Access Amazing Intelligence Through Magnetic Stimulation?

Savant brain
You have heard of people called savants.  They seem to possess almost super human abilities, able to access extreme memory skills and attention to detail.  What if you could possess such abilities, would you want them?  Science is now finding ways in which to stimulate savant-like behavior in the human brain through experimentation.  The results are the ability to access amazing intelligence through the simple application of magnetic stimulation on the brain.

National Geographic recently covered the story of a Professor Allan Snyder at the University of Sydney, Australia who is experimenting with subjects using magnetic impulses applied to the left hemisphere of the brain to see if he could provoke brilliance in his subjects by encouraging the logical part of the brain to shut down a bit.  His findings were short-lived, but incredible.

The entire experiment is recorded on the video below so you are able to see the process and results of the proceedings.  Basically, a subject is tested first before the magnetic stimulation for drawing skills, sentence structure error identification, the ability to count a great amount of dots shown in a quick flash- among other things.  Before the application of the magnets, the subject scored 2 out of 20 correct and exhibited a sort of trepidation toward the questions and requests made on him.

Next, for fifteen minutes, a magnetic pulse is sent into the left hemisphere of the brain, which is meant to quiet certain higher learning processes, thus allowing the more detail-oriented right hemisphere to take over.  After the stimulation, the subject responded very differently to the set of questions and assignments.  Not only did his scores jump to 8 out of 20 correct – which is apparently much higher than their average – but the person was more confident with their answers as well as artistic in their approach to the request to draw.

Unfortunately, the effects of the stimulation wear off after 20 minutes or so. Though researchers such as Professor Snyder wonder how to achieve these results for longer periods of time, for now benefits are no different than a short-lived ‘pick-me-up.”  What would be the benefits to being able to access savant-like abilities all the time?  Would there be disadvantages to having access to amazing intelligence as these people have received through mere magnetic stimulation?  If science could help you access savant-like intelligence, what would you do with it?

The questions raised by this study point to these kind of abilities being natural and inherent in all of us, after-all, how could we access something that was not previously there?  If we all have super human intelligence somewhere within us, how do we access it?  Are magnetics just one way that could then point us in the direction of being able to turn these gifts on at will?  Perhaps just gaining the confidence to come from a place of higher intelligence could be enough to start unlocking the magic of the genius mind.  Only time and experience will tell.  One day we could all access amazing intelligence through something as simple as the power of our thoughts, but for now it seems magnetic stimulation is the way of the day – at least in science.

Here is the video:

Written by: Stasia Bliss


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