Affects of Global Warming

Polar Bear and global warming


When you talk to some one about global warming, chances are they believe at least one of the following things. First, global warming isn’t an issue. Or second, they can’t make a difference or its too late to change the affects already in place. Mother Nature has shown us in many ways, that global warming is a problem. (Like acid rain, how our weather patterns are changing, the intensity of storms has greatly increased, our weather going from one severity straight to the other). There are many things we can stop, change, or do differently to help slow down, or possibly stop the current and future affects and start reversing the affects of global warming.

It’s crazy how you can talk to people and the majority of them either don’t believe global warming truly exists, don’t believe global warming is a problem, or don’t believe how or what they do affects global warming. There are also people who don’t believe that what they do now will greatly impact the levels of co2 emissions, which affects global warming in both direct and indirect affects. To reduce the affects of global warming we need to reduce our ‘carbon footprint’. Which in turn will help our air pollution, which also has an affect on global warming. Your carbon footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide your body is responsible for putting out into the atmosphere.

There are many direct and indirect ways in which high and increasing levels of co2 emissions affects us and our earth. Indirectly and directly, the smallest difference can change things forever. Did you know that if all over the earth, it warmed up only 1* C, we could have very serious implications? We have already had problems with some of our polar ice caps. With the slight temperature increase, we would loose a great portion of our ice caps, which would increase sea levels, which in turn can cause even more serious issues.

Also, we would have an increase of rain and flooding. Like the East coast and mid west has had off and on over the last couple years. We would also have more intense and a higher number of of severe weather events. Some storms we would see more of and see intensify are hurricanes, tornadoes, heat waves, droughts, and dust storms and monsoon seasons. The indirect affects are ones we see first hand, and most of society seems to worry more about the indirect affects.

You know about those infectious diseases and how they’re getting harder to treat? Well, we would have more infectious diseases, and they will continue to get harder to treat. There would be more weather related deaths, due to the storms increasing in numbers and intensity. There could be many food and water shortages….yes, way beyond what we have today. The increasing affects of global warming may eventually wipe out parts of the eco-system.

With all the many ways how and why we increase global warming, it is detrimental in today’s society, to start making more of a difference, and to find out how you can lower your carbon footprint.

Written by Crystal Ervin