America to Rescue Syria or Not?

America to Rescue Syria or Not?
Just because the United Nations Security Council has not given their approval to use force in Syria does not mean the United States or any sovereign nation should not take notice, assess, make a plan and implement such when over 100,000 lives have been lost. Civilians, including children are being murdered. Do we let history repeat itself as it does many times? The United Nations itself says this is the worst they’ve ever witnessed. They have never seen such displacement of human refugees. Now the Syrian military is occupying universities and schools.

John Kerry and Chuck Hagel, along with General Martin Dempsey, America’s top military officer went before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee last Tuesday, presenting their case. Just what will be our involvement after an apparent crossing of the ‘red line.’ The red line is the use of chemical weapons, as these can be deployed to destroy many people or are considered a weapon of mass destruction. Once again, do we let history repeat itself? Not in a global society, the society that is emerging. Our facts come faster as the world watches, often times in horror we witness brutal acts not behind the iron curtain but in civil wars.

Many of us want peace and we see demonstrators in immediate protest of any action, but inaction is murderous of innocent lives. We must believe that we should move forward, in retrospect, if we’d had transportation, communication, and technology like today, previous reasons for war, and the atrocities carried out could have been altered favorably for mankind. While most of us in a free society deplore war and the loss of life it incurs; how can we allow displacement of two million Syrian people, 900,000 dead, many of whom are children?

The military objectives described by Kerry and Hagel will be brief air strikes with no troops on the ground. Will this hold Syria accountable and stop chemical weapons, which have been used allegedly against his country by his regime? An ex-Syrian defense minister has apparently defected to Turkey. This is not confirmed. Ali Habib, the alleged defector, as of Tuesday evening will be a source of immense knowledge as he has been a long time figure in Assad’s sect. He’s been in house arrest as of late for opposing the killing of protestors.

Two other areas of importance are the fact that Britain will not participate in a strike, although this would show unity, it is not necessary. Second is John McCain, a senator who certainly knows about war having been a POW himself, believes we should do more and the immediate action being voted upon today is not enough. He says he won’t vote for it.

To sit by and do nothing as we have been doing for two years can never be rectified, ever. So we must ask ourselves can we have faith in our leaders to know what exactly is going on. Absolutely, we should be strong in America and ask ourselves if we were on that small island with slaughter all around us would we want a peace loving country like America to rescue us? Or let us die?

Caroline Clemens

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