Andy Reid’s Return to Philly: In a Few Words

Andy Reid's Return to Philly: In a Few Words

Coach Andy Reid’s return to Philadelphia on Thursday Night Football can be summed up in a few words.

Bittersweet. Reid entered the field to rounds of applause from the packed stadium. Before kickoff, Eagles’ owner Jeff Lurie met Reid on the field. The conversation was amicable, marked by a mutually warm embrace.

Emotional. Michael Vick and Le Sean McCoy both made their way through the postgame crush to greet and speak with their former coach. It was clear that despite being gone from Philly, Reid was not forgotten, and still holds a large place in the hearts of the Eagles’ roster.

Decisive. Play after play, despite offensive miscues and defensive mistakes, Reid’s Chiefs never once fell behind, keeping Chip Kelly’s storied offensive scheme under control for most of the game.

The Chiefs collected 4 turnovers from the Eagles by halftime, scoring 13 points on recovered fumbles and interceptions.

Dominant. Reid’s offense held the field for 39 minutes in Thursday’s game, leaving Vick and his offense cooling their heels on the sideline. On the defensive side, forced turnovers, multiple sacks and quick, aggressive attacks kept the Eagles racing to catch up throughout the game.

Historic. During halftime, quarterback Donavan McNabb was honored on the field. Reid expressed his congratulations and regret that he could not be present. McNabb addressed the crowd as his number 5 jersey was retired next to Reggie White’s 92: “Number 5 loves you. City of Brotherly Love… thank you”. McNabb’s induction into the Ring of Honor marked another achievement in his stellar career, much of which was spent under Coach Reid’s tutelage.

Inspirational. Coach Reid’s style of teaching not administrating came through as the Chiefs displayed a new energy and cohesiveness missing last season. Under his leadership, Kansas City has already improved upon last year’s 2-14 showing, now dominating the AFC West. With this win, they are the first team to go undefeated into Week 3 this season. The Chiefs are also only the 6th team since the 1970 merger to start a season 3-0 after winning only 2 games or less in the previous season. Last season, the Chief’s most glaring flaw was the inability to close the deal. This year, KC has closed every deal in their favor. It is believed they will continue to improve, and whispers of playoff contention have already begun around the league. This year, the Kansas City Chiefs have come to win.

Triumphant. From Quintin Demps’s 58-yard kickoff return to Brian Succop’s field goals, the Chiefs outscored the Eagles and kept their attempts at scoring at arm’s length. With props to their defense, the Eagles simply did not have enough time to put together a real push for the win. Quarterback Alex Smith continued to protect the ball with obsessive care, only letting loose when his receivers broke coverage. With Jason Avery, Jamaal Charles and Brian McCluster on the offense, Reid’s Chiefs look like the winning team they could not manage to be last season.


Written By: Brandi Tasby

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