iOS 7 Issues and Fixes

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Customers stalked Apple’s website and other tech outlets looking for a release time of the iOS 7. Now that a majority of customers have downloaded the update, the flaws are becoming exposed. Some fixes have been suggested for customers, but Apple is continuously fixing additional issues. For customers who are feeling alone with their frustration, fear not! Millions more are experiencing a thread of disappointment from the newest release. In another article, it was suggested customers should wait several days to download the update. Time allows kinks to be smoothed out. Many customers were eager to see the updates, so it is understandable why many refused to wait. The following discusses those flaws and potential fixes.

Battery Decrease

Older iPhone models – iPhone 4, 4s and 5 experienced a severe hit against battery time. From 50 to 200 minutes were deducted creating anger for many iPhone holders. Check apps in the phone including the Background App Refresher and be sure it is off. If it has been some time since the phone was rebooted, now would be the time to try it. Turn off Location Services, Push Notifications and review the Siri settings. These fixes alone may be frustrating, but they will provide an increase in battery life.

Sync Canceling

Another flaw to add to the iOS 7 list is the iOS 7 itself. Many users are reporting they are still unable to sync the download. Count it as an electronic blessing, as customers can fix this issue simply by waiting. This allows Apple time to work out the remainder of the flaws. It may be better to allow mid-next week to sync the download. Servers become overloaded and the whole scenario can get ugly pretty quickly. Enjoy the final few days of the iOS 6 and do not rush into it! As mentioned in a previous article, good things are worth the wait.

iOS 7 and the iOS 6
iOS 7 and the iOS 6

Dots and Controls

Many customers were just baffled with the varying icons and wondering what those blue dots indicated. iOS 6 made it simple by calling it New with a banner. Yes, those blue dots indicate it is a new app or an update exists for that app. Once updated or used, the dot will disappear. For those frustrated iPod owners who are looking for their controls? The controls can now be located in the Control Center or by swiping up. This is a new feature for those accustomed to double-clicking.

Customer Reviews Mixed

Many older iPhone generation customers are enjoying the “upgraded” feel of their phone. Other customers are still struggling to come to terms with the changes and fixes. Many are commenting on the thin font lines; some customers are fixing this by visiting Settings -> General -> and Text Size. From there, customers are dragging the slider to change the font size which applies the change for all apps and tools.

Some frustrated customers are calling it a copycat of Android, faulting Apple for not taking a more innovative stance. Many are disappointed the update may have resulted in resetting settings and are unable to sync their iPhones to their vehicles. Hopefully, all customers backed up their original software in case of severe issues. For now, millions more are enjoying the changes and look forward to Apple’s next release. From flaws to fixes, only time will tell if Apple’s iOS 7 is a success. To create some excitement, the following video will share some fun features of the iOS 7 to enjoy.

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