Apple iPhone to Set Up Holiday Season

Apple to Set Up Holiday Season

Its that time again, Apple is holding a press conference and, history being any kind of indication, its time for Apple iPhone to set up its holiday tech.

Last year we saw the unveiling of the iPhone 5, the iPad mini, the iPad with Retina Display, and the MacBook Pro with Retina Display. With the announcement and developer releases of iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks, along with the announcement that the Mac Pro was finally getting updated, there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot to look forward to in tomorrows presentation.

Tech heads everywhere are talking about how everything is already exposed in the release of iOS 7 and that other than a new iteration of the iPhone 5, there really is little to get excited about. Yet, Apple is both very good at keeping secrets as well as misdirecting the speculation in order to announce something new, big, and exciting. Then again, Apple has said time and again, until they perfect something, they don’t typically release it.

The rumors are rampant about what is going to be announced and released tomorrow morning from Apple’s Headquarters in Cupertino, CA. The loudest are of an iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C; the former looking to replace the current iPhone 5 and the latter looking to be an affordable device for those customers who don’t get subsidies for their devices. The next talk is centered around a possible Gold iPhone 5S along with different colors for the iPhone 5C. Then there is the hope of seeing a fingerprint scanner built directly into the home button and near field communications (NFC) integrated into the device as well.

While there appears to be some supporting evidence for all the speculation, and analysis’s love talking about why this or that ‘makes sense for Apple’, there seems to be something missing. Having worked for Apple for a time, I am familiar with some of the patterns and processes of the company and I have noticed a shift in how the company deals with its secrets. And tomorrows conference is all about Apple setting up their holiday season.

Again, there seems to be a shift from absolute secrecy, as has been the company policy for most of its existence, to one of misdirection and misinformation. It seems as though Apple realizes it cannot keep everything secret and it looks like they have been adapting to that realization. Provide a little bit of true information with a bit more misinformation and get people to talk about one thing so they can ‘surprise us’ with something different. Not to mention all the free advertising they get doing this.

That pattern seems to be what came out during the developers conference. While there was a lot of speculation, there was very little that was actually true. The anticipation was for a new iOS, but almost all the information that was ‘leaked’ about it was incorrect. Same thing with Mavericks, yet in both cases Apple had so many features that weren’t expected that it was exciting. Then, out of no where, even though people had said ‘it would be cool if…,’ they introduced the brand new Mac Pro, in a design no one seemed to be expecting.

Apple has figured it out and it would not be at all surprising if their marketing department has been the one ‘leaking’ information to build it up for the actual unveiling. Despite what other’s say, I think tomorrow is going to be exciting and fun with a bit unveiled that hasn’t been anticipated at all. All set for the reveal tomorrow, 10 am PST, with, if the past is any indication, a simulcast of the keynote online on their main site. Let’s see what Apple and iPhone is going to show us as they set up their new holiday season and what everyone has to have.

Written by: Iam Bloom

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