Assad a New Power in Syria [Video]


President Bashar al-Assad’s family has presided over the Sryian government for more than four decades; nevertheless, in this present time, Assad has become a new power player in Syria on a global scale. Syria appears to be a key ally of Russia, as the communist government has negotiated plans to help Syria’s troubles with the West.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has conducted high level meetings in Geneva with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov to deal immediately with removing chemical weapons from Assad’s arsenal. Such a move would placate the White House and stem threats of military intervention in the country.

In a report by U.N. inspectors it was indicated that Assad’s regime was solely responsible for the chemical weapons attack done weeks ago. However, Assad insists that the rebels of Syria are responsible. With Russia as its chief ally it proves wise to be cautious in negotiations concerning the Syrian government.

Assad has proven to be a new power player in Syria garnering attention from the world regarding chemical weapons. Many nation states are interested to know the actual count of the stock pile possessed by Syria. Negotiations had previously set a time table for Syria to agree to conform to a program designed to dismantle its chemical weapons program.

Syria agreed to abide by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons guidelines regarding disarming processes. The agreement between Russia and the U.S. called for a dismantling of weapons within a nine month time frame. It was stated that previous security inspections have uncovered 1,000 tons of mustard gas, VX and Sarin gas.

Officials intend to hold Assad to a strict plan that would be detailed in accounting for all chemical weapons possessed by his government. Regulations of the OPCW will be sternly enforced and any deviation in regards to reporting detected by Syrian officials would resort in immediate sanctions by the Security Council.

The Syrian government has been receptive of OPCW requirements and gave intentions of joining the organization. As an ally of Russia Syria is actively acknowledging all recommendations it has proposed in appealing to the requests of the Security Council and its representatives.

Rebels have expressed discontent with the Russian American agreement in contending with the chemical weapons issue of the Syrian government. They believe that it’s a smoke screen by Assad which will mask the fact that he is using conventional weapons to attempt to crush the rebel resistance in Syria.

Assad has arisen to be a new formidable power in Syria as he maneuvers on two fronts managing tactics to deal with opposing factions that threaten the power of his government. Many nations await assessments to see if Syria will be forth coming in revealing valid chemical weapons counts.

By Thomas Barr

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