Basketball Court Shooting in Chicago

Basketball Court Shooting in Chicago1

Chicago September 20, 2013: According to the local newspaper, The Chicago Tribune, a shooting has taken place in the city. The venue of this reported shooting is the basketball court in the Cornell Square Park.

The eye witnesses claim two unidentified men fired at the people present in the  park in the south side of the city, 51 St.

According to the news 11 persons have been shot. This figure also includes a 3 years old child.

According to the police sources all the 11 injured , including the child are alive and no one had been reported dead. But  out of the 11, 9 people are critically injured.

It is one of those incidents of indiscriminate shootings that have haunted the United States for the last couple of years.

The latest update is that three people including the child have  died.


Written By: Iftikhar Tariq Khanzada