Boeing 787 Dreamliner: Continuing Nightmare for Travelers

Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Another Boeing 787 Dreamliner has been grounded earlier today in Iceland on its way to Poland.  The airline, Poland’s LOT, had to send personnel and extra parts to Iceland in an attempt to fix the problem.  Earlier this month, LOT grounded all five of its Dreamliners to replace air filters that were missing in some of their engines.  The most recent grounding was due to a transmitter malfunction on the aircraft which did not affect the plane’s ability to fly, but its ability to communicate its identification to air traffic controllers.

The continuing issues with Boeing’s aircraft have been a nightmare for travelers.  On Saturday, Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA also had to ground a Boeing 787 so that a technical problem could be investigated.  Back in July, a Boeing 787 caught fire at London’s Heathrow airport.  At the beginning of this year, the entire Boeing 787 fleet had to be grounded by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) so that their lithium-ion batteries system could be updated.  The previous battery system was overheating and catching on fire.  The fleet was grounded from January to April.

Back in December, Boeing CEO James McNermey stated, “We’re having what we would consider the normal number of squawks on a new airplane, consistent with other new airplanes we’ve introduced.”  Let us hope, given the number of issues that have come up since he was interviewed, that McNermey was wrong.

Written By: Danyelle C. Overbo

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