Breaking Bad Goes Good

Breaking Bad the Lady Who Taught Heisenberg Everything
It is finally over. Breaking Bad ended last night and it was quite the show. I have to say it was much better than I ever expected it to be. Sunday evening, we got to watch Breaking Bad goes good , even great. The finale was one of television’s best one’s ever shown.

The program is not even close to being my favorite but what the writers did; they sure made it feel that way last night. All the storylines fit together and they merged in a way that let us viewers go back to liking the Walter White of seasons past. He finally got to face his Grey Matter scum ex-partners and teach them a valuable lesson, while setting up a wonderful way for his family to get the money he so desperately wanted them to have. He also got rid of the wicked Lydia and allowed Jesse to kill the evil Todd. It made for great television viewing if you were a Breaking Bad fan.

Yet it also was heartbreaking to see a clip from one of the very first shows, of Hank, telling Walt he should go with him on a DEA ride-along for a drug bust sometime. That was where it all began, how everything started. Hank himself signed his own death certificate in that moment. Breaking Bad was good back then but not as good as now.

Walt was finally honest as well. When he talked with Skyler and he told her the truth, “I did it for me. I liked it. I was good at it, and I was alive.” He spoke more in those few sentences than he ever had in any of the other shows. He told her the truth, he did not say he did it for them, he said he did it for himself, something the rest of us have always known.

It was great the way Todd met his end. For him to keep Jesse alive was a terrible and greedy mistake. He paid for it deeply.
Walt having his machine gun in the trunk of his car was an amazing touch to the storyline. It was the most wonderful of ways for him to be able to let the Nazis get to know his little friend.

Of course we had to suspend a bit of real life belief to accept what the finale fed us, but that is television. Walt should never have made it back from New Hampshire to New Mexico in that car, but he did without being caught. After which, he moved around town as free as a bird. Marie did ring up Skyler and talk to her so that helped explain some of it. He was also able to get into the Nazis camp way too easy, so that was kind of hard to swallow as well, but they never were known for their intelligence.

At the beginning of last night’s episode, it really did not seem the show would be able to sew up each loose thread but they did it. From the first moments to the last, the show proved to be powerful and brilliant.

But now I get to experience the crash of knowing that it really is over. I get to deal with the sadness that Breaking Bad is gone for good. and that is not so great.

Written by: Kimberly Ruble




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