Breaking Bad Habits Is Hard to Do

Bad Habits

Do you have the habit of watching Breaking Bad or too many other TV showsThe things we do all the time catch us in a ritual of routine, a pattern of familiarity and comfort.  Re-arranging the furniture of our lives takes practice and relearning as we are reminded by a knock on the door or knock on our knee.  Things change as much as many remain the same. The years roll by, our viewpoints change and are beckoned by the world to be more open.  A good habit is also a challenge to hold on to as times passes and we blow out yet another candle.  We may become lazy and lack attention to detail, our surroundings, our health and the sharpness of life.  Breaking bad habits is hard to do, but it can be achieved with work and dedication.

Parents, schools, churches and society teach us the rules for life and success.  Whether we follow them is ultimately our own choice.  Beyond the dos and do nots, we simply need the answers of why or why not.  We are taught not to question, but accept it all as truth and fact, as we honor our elders and superiors.  Our inner conscience seems to sort it out as life is discovered on our own, beyond the rules.

Most rules and habits make good sense and are designed for the health and safety of individuals and the world.  Common respect for others helps to develop good habits of courtesy, and taking care of our health becomes more apparent as we age.  The so-called bad habits are the ones that continue to haunt us and are the most burdensome to break.  They are ones we learned in our youth and have become engrained in our minds and bodies.  Environment, choice of friends and uncontrolled circumstances helped form the habits we might want to discard.  Breaking bad habits is a process our minds can learn once given the green light.  Until the barrier is broken, the habit will be revisited time and time again.

The stereotypes of bad habits include overeating, drinking, smoking and drug use, but the list goes on with many more that are detrimental for years to come.  The mundane annoyances such as lack of organization, leaving the toilet lid up or always showing up late, affect friends and family as much as ourselves.  We get used to set patterns of life and sometimes it is just our personality and environment that dictate our paths.  Humbling oneself and accepting the reasons to change can be an eye-opening experience.  More serious issues may require professional help and the support of veterans of the same bad behavior.

Breaking bad habits can be very hard to do.  The difficult task involves patience and time.  Many testimonies have been documented from real people that have overcome their battles and are willing to help others.  Solutions are possible and positive outcomes can happen.  Change is good and a change for the better is fantastic.  It is never too late to teach an old dog new tricks.


Written by: Roanne H. FitzGibbon