Breaking News – Tom Delay’s Conviction Overturned

 Breaking News – Tom Delay’s Conviction Overturned

In Austin, the Court of Appeals favored 2-1 that Former House Majority leader Tom Delay’s conviction be overturned. His prison sentence of three-years is now on hold.

 Breaking News – Tom Delay’s Conviction Overturned

In 2010, Delay was convicted of a money-laundering case when channeling $190,000 worth of corporate donations to Republicans running for Texas Legislature. Because the Majority ruled that the evidence in convicting Delay was insufficient, the Majority overruled his three-year sentence.

The State failed to prove any actual criminal activity in Delay’s case. Now that the case is over, Delay can no longer be retried for the same crime.

Executive Director of Texas for Public Justice (TPJ) disagrees and stated in writing that his take on overturning Delay’s sentence is that the Republican Judges issuing the ruling were influenced politically.

Craig McDonald, with TPJ, stated that politics bailed Delay out and hopes the Travis County district attorney’s office will appeal the ruling. “The Congressman was wrong on the law and wrong on the facts.”

Included in the remonstrating, Chief Justice J. Woodfin Jones also disagrees with the Majority’s ruling that the State had a lack of evidence to convict.

Delay, now 67, was elected to the Texas House of Representatives in 1978 and won a Congress seat in 1984. He has since been nicknamed the Hammer for his fierce political tactics.

In 2005 Delay was indicted by the Grand Jury on charges of violating campaign finance laws. Accepting funds from Enron and other large corporations, Delay used those donations for the redistricting of Texas to favor elections on the Republican side of the coin. The Republican denied the charges and then resigned as Majority Leader.

As many others may not be happy with the outcome; Delay is ecstatic, even though he never spent a day in jail.

On bended knee in a prayer group meeting with evangelist Ken Wilde, Delay received the blessed news that his conviction had been overturned.

Written by Lisa Graziano

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