Breast Cancer and Shark Blood or Plant Blood?

Breast Cancer - Shark Blood or Plant Blood?

It is amazing what measures will be taken in the quest for new medicine when answers seem to be right under our noses.  Though the quest for the “cure for cancer” goes on in the medical industry, Mother Nature humbly waits for her time of adequate recognition.  The topic of today and recent studies as of late are reporting how antibodies in shark blood may hold the cure for breast cancer.  Though decades have passed with case after case of juicing and other ways of utilizing plant blood and plant medicines to cure cancer exist, we now turn to shark blood as a potential cure for breast cancer.

In Scotland, The University of Aberdeen recently received a huge sum of money in order to study the potential for shark blood antibodies to cure breast cancer.  Apparently 75% of breast cancer is what they call ER positive, which basically means they respond to estrogen.  65% of these are in fact “fueled by progesterone” as well.  There are other breast cancer cells, about 20-25%, that secretes an excessive amount of protein named HER2.  Another 10-17% of breast cancers are called “triple negative” because they do not fall into these previous categories.  These are found most often in those with the gene named BRCA1.

The shark blood antibody study is meant to target the HER type of cancer.  The thing with medical research is it is aimed at destroying or inhibiting certain types of cancer cells rather than restoring the proper function of the human body, which is the only thing that can really heal cancer.  Plant bloods such as found in fresh, raw juices and chlorophyll and plant medicines utilized in herbal cleansing practices, work to fortify and nourish the body’s own defenses – assisting the natural process of healing, innate in the human system.  When the body heals cancer naturally, with the aid of natural substances, it does not matter what “kind” of cancer cells they are – all is healed.

While the medical community goes forward with the expensive research of cancer “cures” the natural world continues to silently heal cancer through plant medicines and natural means of cleansing and strengthening the body’s own mechanisms.  When will these two worlds merge?

The antibody named IgNAR, found in shark’s blood is under investigation for its potential cancer fighting abilities.  But what of fresh carrot juice, beet juice and kale greens taken in large amounts to the exclusion of all other foods?  What about adding in wheatgrass juice shots and large quantities of purified water?  The Gerson Institute in San Diego, California has been helping people for decades to cure themselves of various cancers by utilizing the power of plant blood and plant medicine found in raw foods and juices.  They are not alone in their success rates.  The Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center in Patagonia, Arizona takes a similar approach and offers raw foods, cleansing practices and juice fasts to assist cancer patients and others in healing themselves naturally.

While medical science goes on leading the public down the road of the supposed belief that we have still as yet to find “the cure” by investigating substances such as shark blood, those who have been using plant blood and plant medicine for breast and other cancers will continue to cure themselves and share their muffled testimonies to those who will hear them.  Does shark blood contain special antibodies which can help to cure breast cancer?  Possibly.  Do plants carry this same capacity? Absolutely.  Thanks to decades of fearless people who have gone against the medical community, sometimes under threat of their own freedom, we know there are alternatives that work.  When the public will get wind of this in a way that is believable and backed by modern science?  Who knows?  Perhaps the answers are only there for those who are ready to find them.  Until then, we will bleed sharks, utilize mustard gas and cut people up in the name of advanced science while ignoring the simple remedies growing in the earth.  At least some of us will.


Written by: Stasia Bliss

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