Brewers and Braves Brouhaha Earns Gomez Suspension

Carlos Gomez of the Brewers has been suspended for a game for his actions against the Braves on Wednesday.
Carlos Gomez of the Brewers has been suspended for a game for his actions against the Braves on Wednesday.

The Milwaukee Brewers have been in the headlines for the wrong reasons during the 2013 Major League Baseball season. An uplifting story in 2011 after advancing to an incredible, given their market size, two wins away from the World Series, the Brewers have shown a dark side this season.

Far from playoff contention without their star Ryan Braun, who is serving out a steroid related suspension for the remainder of the season, the Brewers are still turning heads with their actions.

Against the Atlanta Braves this week, center fielder Carlos Gomez provided the spark for a bench-clearing brawl following a home run that the talented fielder knocked out of the park.

After knocking the ball out of the park on Wednesday night, Gomez stood and watched the ball sail over the fence. While this is not out of the ordinary for Major Leaguers to do, Gomez took things a step further and began to talk trash to Braves’ pitcher Paul Maholm.

Not surprisingly, catcher Brian McCann of the Braves heard this and did not like it. When Gomez returned to home plate, he was cut off by McCann, starting the altercation.

As a result of the events on Wednesday, Gomez was suspended for one game. Atlanta’s Reed Johnson, who came off the bench to join in the Brouhaha also is going to sit out for a game as a result of his actions.

Freddie Freeman and Gerald Laird of Atlanta avoided suspensions despite the fact that they were ejected from Wednesday’s contest.

Gomez apparently had been holding a grudge against Maholm because of the fact that the pitcher hit him with a pitch earlier in the season.

A player not known for such actions, Gomez was not surprised to learn his punishment, and will not appeal it. He will now try to move on and attempt to be a better person and player in the future.

“I was expecting it after what happened last night,” said Gomez, “It’s not good for baseball. I’m going to take it like a man and be responsible for the stuff I did. I will take today and then come back tomorrow and continue to finish the season strong.”

The Brewers are stuck in the midst of a bad 2013 season. Once a rising contender, Milwaukee now seems to only make the headlines for the wrong reasons, Braun’s suspension and now Gomez getting into it with the Braves show that this young team needs to change its attitude if it wants to get back to winning in 2014.

Charlie Gille

Senior Sports Editor

The Guardian Express

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