Brian May Hints at New Queen Album Featuring Freddie Mercury Vocals

Brian May suggests new Queen album with Freddie Mercury vocals1

According to NME, Brian May has hinted at the potential release of a brand new Queen album, featuring the vocals of both Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson.

The music journalist publication had previously revealed the existence of several tracks made by Mercury and Jackson, during 1983. In July of this year, Brian May had indicated that die-hard fans would be given an opportunity to listen to some of the material within the coming months.

During a recent radio broadcast, May also suggested that an album similar to Queen’s “Made in Heaven,” which was compiled following Mercury’s death, was not off the table. Despite the band’s initial belief that they had exhausted all possibilities, May seems to indicate this is no longer the case, explaining they had “forgotten” musical works produced by the two singing idols.

Both Mercury and Jackson had collaborated in California, over three decades ago. However, due to time constraints, the pair were unable to release anything significant to the expectant public.

By: James Fenner

NME News Source