Britney Spears Takes Vegas


Britney Spears has just arrived today in Las Vegas celebrating the announcement of her 2 year residency at the Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.  Whether or not she is at the point in her career to be deemed worthy of a Vegas residency is debatable, but it can be said that her shows on her concert tour have already met or exceeded typical Vegas caliber.  The Britney Takes Vegas billboards are probably being printed as this article is being written.  The Circus tour involved heavy acrobatics, her singing from within giant hoops, and generally show stopping paraphernalia.

Her helicopter that dropped into the desert was met with thousands of fanatical supporters of her music, to which she claimed, ““This is such a sweet thing to do.  I don’t even know what to say.  I’m speechless.  This is shocking.”  The appreciation is certainly understandable, but I don’t know if Ms. Spears should be shocked at the wealth of adoring fans greeting her arrival, that should be commonplace for a global pop star.  Probably no need to analyze hollow words to the media, but it seems to be something people enjoy reading.

She also spoke about loving the positive energy in Las Vegas, meaning whatever she puts out into the crowd she gets back as a performer.  As an artist that primarily lip syncs this may be a silly idea to put out there.  But her ability to perform to choreographed dancing is in the top tier of touring artists.  With a loyal global following that appears to be in it for the long haul (that is after one of her multiple comeback attempts was finally successful).

Another important facet of this deal is that the residency will be held at the Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino.  Residents and Vegas experts are firmly aware that the Planet Hollywood is not in the top tier of casino properties on the strip.  With Wynn, Encore, Cosmopolitan, and a revitalized MGM Grand setting the pace for an ever expanding Las Vegas landscape this could very well be Planet Hollywood’s seminal effort to throw their hat into the ring.

It is not as simple as entertainment though when it comes to competing with the trendiest casinos in Vegas.  Parking is a major issue when it comes to staying hip with the big players in the high level entertainment scene on the strip.  The Planet Hollywood has an extremely inconvenient and confusing valet and an even more perplexing parking garage set up.  Most tourists have no idea how to do either at that particular casino and typically end up leaving their car somewhere else, like another casino for usually.  Also, the Miracle Mile Shops, which is basically a giant indoor mall, is currently the main draw into the Planet Hollywood and draws a very different sort of clientele than would be expected at a flashy Vegas show.  These may not seem like large issues to the diehard Britney Spears fan, but when it comes to selling out every night for a two year run it will certainly become a factor.

Written by Michael Blain

Twitter: @michaelblain

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