Britney Spears Unveils Artwork for Her New Single

Britney Spears Reveals Artwork for 'Work B*tch'

Britney Spears has unveiled the artwork for her new single “Work B**ch” ahead of its release on September 17.  This will be her eighth album release, since she became a pop star.

Spears has revealed the cover for her latest track on her social media, Twitter and Facebook, “4 days people! Call the Po-Lice! Go call the Governor! #WorkB.”

“Work Bitch is going to premiere WORLDWIDE this Monday, Sept 16th at 6pm ET. You can listen on @iHeartRadio or your local radio station,”

“Work Bitch will be available on @iTunesMusic that night at 12:01am ET, Sept 17th… are u ready?! #YouBettaWorkB #1Week.”

As always, looking hot and glamorous and definitely not shy of her gorgeous body, she wore a feather-covered body suit with a plunging neckline, baring some cleavage, waist belt and feathery fringe on the shoulders and back.   Finishing off her look with her blonde hair blown out, hitting her collarbone, as her make-up is to a warm welcoming, bedroom appeal.

She poses next to a mirror with the Las Vegas sign just visible as Spears hints at her upcoming move to Las Vegas.

Since her last video “Ooh La La,” from the Smurfs 2 soundtrack, which has also been a first for her two most adorable sons, Sean Preston and Jayden, this will be her latest new single being released soon.

Britney has been teasing her fans for quit a while now about her new music video “Work B*ch,” coming out soon, tweeting to her friends, that she cannot wait for next weeks surprise, how hard her training has been and off course, tweeting pictures of herself, dancing on the set.

A sneak peek  at the “dirty, flirty” video went down well with her die-hard fan club, wearing a black and yellow lace top, with her hair falling around her shoulders and the seductive eyes looking at the camera.

Britney Spears Reveals Artwork for 'Work B*tch'

The grammy award winner, Britney Spears, does not look like a pop star when she looks like an ordinary person walking around town in her sweatpants, but behind the scenes she has most definitely proved that she can always manage to look like a pop star when it comes to her music career.  Spears has been getting into shape for her upcoming residency in Las Vegas, posting revealing photos of her enviable figure, for which she has been training really hard, during her music video shoot.

Britney Spears Reveals Artwork for 'Work B*tch'

While on set, the glamorous pop star Spears, tweeted “Gonna get my tan on in the desert in between shots on the #WorkBitch set today. It’s HOT out here people!!!! #desert #heatwave.”

It is said that her new single’s title ‘Work B**ch’, is inspired through RuPaul’s supermodel “You Better Work,” it is also believed that the pop star will be using a sample tune for her new comeback single.

To another twisting surprise for the Britney and Miley fans, Britney and Miley Cyrus has collaborated on Sept. 10 for the 20-year-old’s Bangerz album.

Britney tweeted, “Now It’s Britney AND Miley bitch! #TheyreNotReady for this @MileyCyrus… 😉 #SMSbangerz.”

Written By: Landi Bezuidenhout

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