Celebrities Honor Tupac Seventeen Years After Rapper’s Death

Celebrities Honor Tupac Seventeen Years After Rapper's Death
On September 13, 1996, 25 year old hip-hop artist Tupac Shakur was shot and murdered in Las Vegas, NV. Seventeen years after the Grammy nominated rapper’s death, celebrities continue to immortalize the artist by paying tribute to their idol who had influenced these artists’ respected careers.

Kenny Leon, a Broadway theater director, responsible for “A Raisin In the Sun” and “The Mountaintop”, plans to release, on Broadway, an anti-violent play titled “Holler If Ya Hear Me”. The title of the play was named after a song Tupac scripted, and the play features many of the artist’s songs.

Young Money recording artist, Tyga, somehow acquired unreleased lyric tracks that Tupac recorded for the legendary rapper’s diss on Christopher Wallace, P.Diddy, and Bad Boy Records in the song “Hit Em Up”. Tyga claims he is not remaking the original song, but he is creating his own original song using these tracks as a tribute to Tupac. Many fans of Tupac in the industry approve of this tribute, and are looking forward to hearing it on Tyga’s latest solo CD, “Hotel California”. The name of Tyga’s tribute song will also be titled “Hit Em Up.”

Snoop Lion, who performed a duet as Snoop Dogg with Tupac titled “2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted”, had shared stories about Tupac with up and coming artists on MTV’s “Rap Fix Live”. Snoop shared how he and Tupac were on a sail boat with their former manager and producer Suge Knight, and Knight knocked the boat’s sail into the water by accident. Snoop claimed Knight was at liberty to kill both himself and Tupac if he wished. As it turned out, this was all a prank by Knight.

Pop singer, Rihanna, recently quoted Tupac by posting publicly on Twitter to “Keep Ya Head Up” to her estranged ex boyfriend Chris Brown. Rihanna proves the younger generation learned their lessons from the gangsta rappers. She shows a more forgiving attitude, and holds less of a grudge, than the preceding generation had shown. Perhaps Tupac’s message of violence being nonsense is finally being received.

Also, in light of the anniversary of Tupac’s death, his mother, Afeni Shakur promises that his entire body of work will be released to the public. She states many of these tracks are unfinished and incomplete, however, they can serve as a blueprint for aspiring hip-hop artists.

Finally, Hollywood will recognize Tupac Shakur as an actor when he receives his own star on the walk of fame in 2014 for his performances in “Juice”, “Poetic Justice”, and “Gang Related.”

Written By: Dominic Carl Totino

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