Chicago: Burglary at the Drake School

Burglary at the Drake School

UPDATE: Burglary at the Drake School

The investigation into the burglary at the Drake School remains open. Additional offenders are being sought and investigative efforts continue with a focus on attempting to locate and recover the stolen property.

To date there have been 10 arrests related to the burglary and stolen property:
1. Juvenile (Female/15) Misdemeanor Theft
2. Juvenile (Male/16) Misdemeanor Theft
3. Juvenile (Male/16) Felony Burglary
4. Juvenile (Male/16) Felony Theft
5. Juvenile (Female/15) Felony Burglary
6. Juvenile (Male/13) Felony Burglary
7. Juvenile (Male/15) Felony Burglary
8. Juvenile (Male/17) Felony Burglary – Charged as adult
9. Eugene McQueen; Male/25; 2900 block of south Federal; Misdemeanor Theft
10. Jabare McChristian; Male/19; 2800 block of south State; Felony Burglary

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