Chinese Woman Fell in a Well – Survives 2 weeks on a Few Bites of Corn

Chinese Woman Fell into a Well
How much food and water do you believe you need to survive? How would this belief affect your ability to sustain yourself day after day if you didn’t have them? 38 year old Su Qixiu from the Henan province in China was faced with this test of her need for food when she fell into a well on September the first of this year. Surviving over 2 weeks on only a few bites of corn after falling into a 12 foot deep well, this Chinese woman was pushed to her limits.

Most people say you cannot survive more than a few days without water and not much longer without food. Though people have fasted on water for up to 40 days or more and certain individuals have learned to subsist on air and sunlight alone, usually these abilities are worked up to, learned and practiced before lengthy implementation. But not for Su Qixiu.

She was simply walking through some corn fields one day looking for herbs when she accidentally stumbled upon a giant hole in the earth we call a well. She tried to stop her fall by grabbing the cornstalks which surrounded the opening (making it difficult to see), but instead of breaking her fall they broke and fell in. Without the corn, who knows what might have happened. For fifteen days Su nibbled on the raw corn cob and sipped rainwater which fell into the well – keeping her alive. She was already a small woman of 115 lbs when she fell into the well, but after her recent rescue – 15 days later – she weighed a mere 80 lbs.

Going without food and adequate water for extended periods of time, not by choice, can greatly affect a person and the functions of the body. Su experienced a near shut-down of her body organs and she was unable to speak upon rescue – grateful to be found though she was.

Her family looked for her day in and day out and Su tried calling for help each day as well – to no avail. It was only when the farmer of the corn came for harvest on September the 16th, fifteen days after her original fall, that she was heard, located and brought out of the well. I suppose she wished she could have found some of those medicinal herbs she was looking for before her fall into the well, they could have helped to sustain her. Though Su is lucky,  in stable condition and recovering, this is not always the case for people who fall down wells, especially after so much time has passed.

The amazing story of a Chinese woman who fell into a 12 foot deep well, surviving for 2 weeks on a few bites of corn, is good news to be shared. Miracles really do happen every day and it is encouraging to hear the stories, cry the tears, laugh the laughter and cheer the praises when humanity moves in the direction of kindness, caring and love. For one woman in Chinese family, today is a very good and praiseworthy day. Never underestimate the power of endurance. Su did not give up the possibility of being rescued and used her little resources to last her into the moment of her victory. We each can learn something of her strength and courage.

Written by: Stasia Bliss

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