Corporal Punishment Returning to Public School? (video)

Corporal-punishment returning to public school?
It seems we have come so far since the days where we, or our parents, could be hit by their teacher in school.  “How barbaric,” we think, that the paddle was once used on children by their administrators during school hours and everyone thought it was somehow okay.  Well, what would you say to corporal punishment returning to public school?  Did we just fall down a time loop and end up 50 years ago?  It seems the very punishment we thought was dead and gone to our school system is somehow resurfacing.

A mother in Leeds, Alabama was mortified to find a note in her elementary child’s backpack recently, asking for a parental permission slip to be signed and returned if she did not want corporal punishment to be used on her student.  Apparently, in some schools parents now have to sign a paper requesting their children not be hit by administrators at school.  If they do not sign the waiver form, well, guess what folks?  According to the form sent home with Wendy Chandler’s daughter in Alabama, if the consent form is not received back, the school will assume consent to enforce corporal punishment if necessary.

Chandler was outraged at the note and originally told the Huffington post what she wrote back on that consent form:  “I cannot imagine how it would ever be okay to show violence towards anyone. Hitting a child is beyond disgraceful. Anyone who could hit a child should be thrown in jail.”  This mother was most concerned about the friends of her daughter whose parents might concede.  She worries about these kids growing up with her daughter and the influence such behavior could have on them. Here is the report made on Huffington TV:

As of this 2013 school year it seems that 19 states are allowing corporal punishment in public schools. Does your child’s school enforce good behavior through physical measures? If I were you I’d take a good look through those original take-home consent forms just to be sure. How do you feel about schools taking it upon themselves to hit your child if they misbehave? Have we suddenly taken a wormhole back in time? What lapse in evolutionary consciousness would cause such measures to be looked at as okay by anyone?

Are you a teacher at a public school enforcing good behavior through the reinstatement of corporal punishment? How do you feel about being associated with such a method of madness? Do we really think hitting our children, scaring them with pain, is a positive way to teach anything? Wendy Chandler has started a movement to get corporal punishment back out of schools. If you are interested in backing her up on this one, you can visit the link provided below in sources.

Is corporal punishment returning to our public schools? It seems that such a measure is slipping under door cracks and making its way slyly into children’s backpacks only to be possibly missed by the busy or slightly inattentive parent trying to get their child safely back to school. Did you read all those take-home consent forms? Maybe it’s time you go back and make sure so that no one is hitting your child at school without your consent.


Written by: Stasia Bliss

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