Corruption Claims Erupt Again as Jay Naidoo Addresses Failed Health Care System

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South Africa – Corruption claims over the deplorable health system have erupted once again as an old comrade of the African National Congress (ANC) addresses this devastating issue.

Jay Naidoo is a political comrade who fought against the apartheid struggle during the 1980’s, and was appointed as General Secretary of the Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU), a high profile position. He served under the Nelson Mandela administration from 1994 until 1999.

After the first democratic election in South Africa during 1994, Jay Naidoo was appointed as Minister for the Reconstruction and Development Program. Later, he was appointed as Minister of Post, Telecommunications and Broadcasting in 1996 until 1999. He then pursued business activities in the private sector.

In a scathing attack on the current ANC Government, Jay Naidoo submitted an open letter stating that health conditions, especially in the Eastern Cape, have failed. The very people that gave the ANC the power to lead this country are suffering, and dying. Jay Naidoo said the people die because the political elites plunder the profits and do not provide basic fundamental human rights to the people.

Apparently, there was an eighteen-month long investigation into the disastrous health care system in the Eastern Cape, and it discovered that more than 800 million South African Rand, approximately 80 million dollars, were stolen by government officials. To date, no arrests have been made, and nobody has taken responsibility for this grand theft.

In the Eastern Cape, nearly six million people depend on the public health sector. Over the past decade countless people have suffered, died and children have been harmed by not being able to obtain the necessary access to primary health care. The collapse of the health care system stems from personal corruption, greed and self-enrichment. The plundering of public funds for selfish gain once again, in our democratic country, is covered up and conveniently swept underneath the table.

Jay Naidoo said, he is angered by the horror of such theft, and asked how many clinics could have been built, how many children could have been saved? He asked the question of how many nurses and doctors could have been given the opportunity to work and save countless lives.

In his cutting attack on the ANC, Jay Naidoo said that during the 1976 Soweto uprising, he was part of the millions of people who stood up against the brutal apartheid system and joined forces to end this evil. He said he could feel the anger rising again and this time it is aimed against the same party that he voted in. Millions of people who gave the ANC the right to rule and yet these very same people now suffer and die at the hands of their elected government. He said the plight of the health system is not an apartheid legacy but a democratic failure.

The constitutional right to basic health care coverage is not given to the vast majority of South Africans, the suffering and the numerous deaths do not change the system. The government does not care. And during their twenty years of rule, the system has failed. We ask if there is any hope of changing this nightmare health system into a essential working network. A system that provides people with basic human rights, rights in which they deserve by law.

Once again, the blame game should not be played in this issue. A favorite practice of the ANC is to put the blame on the apartheid system when it is obvious that their own failure is the cause of the health care collapse. Greed and endless corruption does not stop. There is no interest from public officials to stop this evil. It is obvious that they want to strip all the resources of the beautiful South African country and destroy their people in the process.

Although Jay Naidoo was part of a system that is steadily collapsing, it is encouraging to know that there are some elites and influential members who are standing up to the truth and demanding answers. Jay Naidoo, who once had a large following of members, can certainly call on his supportive followers to take real action to this health disaster.

In closing, Jay Naidoo said, “We have a choice. We can take a stand and confront the abuse of power, or we can step back, do nothing and fall into an abyss of dashed hopes.”

Written by Laura Oneale

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