Cory Monteith and Glee’s Season 5 Preview

Cory Monteith and Glee's 5th Season

While the biggest question on Glee fan’s minds is, “what is going on with Finn (Cory Monteith) and his tribute?!” we will get to that; as little as there is to know anyway.  First, let’s preview what we can say about tonight’s opening episode of Glee’s 5th season.

It has been widely known for some time now that the first two episode of Glee’s 5th season are dedicated to the music of the Beatles. It may be a little strange, since Finn is supposed to be in these episodes, but if past musical dedication episodes are any indication, it will be filled with good songs and generally very up beat.

Since the shadow of Cory Monteith’s death may have completely erased where the Glee cast was left at the end of season four, let us quickly recap. Rachel just “brought the house down” for her second Funny Girl audition and it seems increasingly likely she will be given the part. Blaine is still struggling with mending his relationship with Kurt and we were left wondering when, or if, he might actually propose marriage. Santana is still struggling to figure out what she is doing in her life in the “city that never sleeps,” but we were left seeing her taking night classes at NYATA. Unique told Ryder that s/he likes him a lot and was the cat-fish. Ryder stormed off, seemingly for good, from the New Directions. Lastly, we have no idea what Brittany is going to do leaving for MIT and whether that is the final word.

It is safe to imagine that the tragic death of Cory Monteith has completely de-railed whatever story arcs the writers were intending for season five. With the announcement of only the first three episodes, we can likely assume that Finn’s death in the show will have a pivotal impact on everything that will come afterward. Suddenly, dead is the Finn and Rachel romance picking up, along with Finn stepping up to help out Mr. Shue. No more Finn and Puckerman figuring out college together, or Finn supporting Kurt and his own healing and exploration.

From a character perspective it is interesting to wonder how this latest tragedy will affect Kurt and his parents. Kurt has already been overly stressed about his dad’s health and still scarred from the death of his mom as a child; one can only guess how his brother dying is going to transform his character. Rachel too, her first love dying so young and in the apparent upswing of his life after high school. Will she shut down, be more motivated to reach her goals thinking she has to achieve for the both of them now, or fall into the arms of the nearest warm body?

We could speculate all the way around the cast, but since both Kurt and Rachel have been so pivotal in the entire series arc, we don’t have to look very far to see how this tragedy might ripple through each character. Considering that the writers have had no issue talking about very difficult issues through Glee, we can probably reasonable expect that we will see and understand the many faces of grief.

So, tonight we get Beatles tribute part 1, next week we get Beatles tribute part 2, and then we get The Quarterback, Monteith’s tribute episode and the death of Finn Hudson. It may end up being a heavy year for the Glee kids, but this show has never shied away from the hard, emotional elements of human life. There is our preview of Glee’s season 5 preview and how Cory Monteith is fitting into the schedule at this point, but we shall all see together how the show ends up going.


Written by: Iam Bloom

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