Dallas Cowboys Raise Hopes High

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Anyone who has spent any time as a Dallas Cowboys fan is painfully well acquainted with the emotional roller coaster that comes with such loyalty.

In the last 2 years we have ended the season 8-8 under former backup QB turned coach Jason Garrett and this year looked to be no different after last week’s loss to KC.

It seemed the curse of the Stadium that Jerry (Jones) Built was doomed to continue. From its completion, the Cowboys had yet to defeat  division  arch-rivals New York Giants in the swanky new stadium.

Until opening day this year. After a high energy win over Eli Manning and his New York Giants, the season was looking up. And then Kansas City came to town and delivered a crushing 1 point loss. The Cowboys players and coaches saw the flaws in their offense and  defense in glaring relief.  This week, these flaws appear to have been addressed and fixed.

Last Sunday at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX, the Cowboys showed why they continue to be America’s team. Facing the St. Louis Rams, the Cowboys put up 10 points before the Rams had even one first down.

Of course, as Cowboys fans, we know they have blown leads bigger than this. Hope –mild but gaining strength- kept us glued to the game.

Our hopes continued to rise throughout the game. The Rams did not manage a first down until the 2nd quarter, ending the first half with that one bright note, and facing a point  deficit of 17-0. The Rams could not score until well into the 3rd quarter, gaining their one and only mark on the board by a touchdown to Austin Pettis on a quick release by Bradford amid tight coverage by Sean Lee.

The game showcased the oft touted talent of the Dallas Cowboys defense and offense. With Sean Lee and Barry Church back in the lineup after season-ending injuries last year, the Cowboys enjoyed an easy ride to victory in Arlington in Week 3.

On another high point, the New York Giants, currently a puzzling 0-2, go to 0-3 after a loss in a shocking route to the Carolina Panthers, leaving the Cowboys alone atop the AFC East. In an unheard of defeat, the Giants could not seem to find their groove as the Panthers imposed their will to win 38-0. The Giants have not been shut out since December 2012 against the Atlanta Falcons (34-0). In Dallas, this is good news. It lends credence to the ongoing idea that quarterback Tony Romo and his Cowboys are indeed true contenders for the playoffs.  Finishing 8-8 will not get us there; we learned that for the past two years running. Something is finally(we hope!) clicking in Dallas this year. Our hopes are high and gaining altitude deep in the heart of Texas.

But we know our team. Time will tell if Jason Garrett, Tony Romo and a budding, healthy  team can carry such victories throughout the season and end up in the big dance at the season finale. We can only hope. And we do hope… no matter what.


Written by: Brandi Tasby


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