Diversity is Out of Control!

Diversity is Out of Control!
By now, almost everyone is familiar with that one certain word……Diversity. We hear it everyday in the news, in our schools, in our workplaces, in our minds. It commands us to obey and respect. It causes us to wonder and worry. It reminds us of human nature and leads us to questions we might not want answered.

It has long been said that variety is the spice of life. In the olden days it might have meant a love affair or simply a different style of clothing. Today, everything seems to have a new meaning, a translation we are learning to be familiar with, a new pattern in history, a new flavor. The spice of life is all around us, just as it always has been.

Countries around the world use their own traditions to create a meal that is theirs. A certain herb, sauce or spice is added with flair for the special taste that defines the dish. Garlic is often associated with Italy as much as curry is linked to India. We all have ways of doing things like they have always been done in our country or family. It’s a very natural phenomena and quite normal in the home where we live.

Our homes are where we learn to reproduce our heritage and history as a people group. It’s a safe place to express our feelings, our trust and our misgivings about the world. We all look alike, we think alike and we do things generally the same way. Sometimes as the years go on, our families become more diverse in thoughts, beliefs and people we are wed to. Things change as much as they stay the same.

No one can predestine themselves to be born in a certain place at a certain time. We cannot choose our parents, we cannot decide to have black hair when it just isn’t in our genes. The diversity of our circumstances are out of our control. It’s not up to us, just as it isn’t up to our friends across the world to decide their fate. Diversity is a strange factor of human life.

We all are basically the same in the way we breath and function, but our souls and brains are what makes us the person we are and determines our habits and ways we live. The differences between people of various colors and religions can lead us to be scared and unsure, and angry because we do not relate to their customs or language. Our uncertainty and lack of understanding results in events that get out of control.

Nations around the world have been trying to solve this quandary for eons, and as many steps that have gone forward, as many have held us back from unity. If we all, as residents of the Earth, united our fears against the unknown of the universe, it would be a common bond to work together.

Fear of the unknown makes us defensive and proud. We strive to be the best, forgetting human kind along the way. As far fetched as life on other planets may be, it still could serve as a force to join the human hands we all share. Diversity is all around us. We cannot escape into our own little havens of security anymore. We are being taught to tolerate and accept, to love and to agree to disagree.

The path has been long and hard and a never ending road. It will never go away until the end of the Earth fades to dust. The powers that be try their best to lead us in directions that are still uncomfortable at times, but until we learn that we are all just humans created equally, the unrest shall likely continue.

Our uniqueness is what makes us special. We are not clones or robots. Each individual has a purpose and we’re all connected by just a few missing links. The puzzling nature of differences forms the beautiful tapestry of life, which is to be cherished in our own diverse styles in the same world.

Written By: Roanne H. FitzGibbon