Dumb & Dumber to Cast Jennifer Lawrence?

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Dumbfounded? It is true. Jennifer Lawrence will be gracing the Dumb & Dumber cast and crew with her Academy Award winning presence.  Though Lawrence is known as a serious actress, she is said to truly like the first installment of the Dumb & Dumber movies and it seems she is quite the fan of other funny films, such as Step Brothers and Anchorman.

Lawrence is known for her dramatic role as a keen archer in survivor mode in the movie The Hunger Games. She is noted as the one of the youngest actresses to be ever be nominated for the Academy Award. Other roles include the comic book character, Raven Darkholme in X-Men (First Class), Silver Linings Playbook, The burning Plain, and Winter’s Bone.

The character Jennifer Lawrence is cast to play in the Dumb & Dumber sequel is a younger Kathleen turner. Again – what? Opinions will abound as the two actresses seem so different in acting style; however, there are certain likenesses that probably gave some inspiration. Kathleen Turner played a number of vivacious roles as a younger actress and has made a name for herself in the action packed role in Romancing the Stone.  Remembering that role and how Turner reacted to certain scenes does make the connection to Lawrence’s acting style.

Dumb & Dumber is a film that Lawrence is sure to never forget as she is probably the biggest fan of the movie – she admits she knows the script of the first Dumb & Dumber installment verbatim. It is refreshing to hear actresses like Jennifer Lawrence – an Academy Award winning and Emmy nominated actress – feel quite comfortable acting in a movie with two of the most hyper comedic actors who most can only take in small doses.

Lawrence will be acting side by side with Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels, who play the characters Harry and Lloyd. In the first installment, both Characters play the parts of two unfortunate souls who cannot seem to catch a break. Both Harry and Lloyd are friends who live together and one day takes off to deliver a mysterious brief case that was supposedly left in Lloyd’s limo. The adventure leads Harry and Lloyd to an adventurous romp of unimaginable mayhem. The movie proved success as the chemistry between Carrey and Daniels was definitely a match made in comedy heaven.

It truly is refreshing to see a serious actress like Lawrence make a move in such a comedic direction. It is a testament to her acting ability as acting between two nutty characters like Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels will also be a test of her strength in, not only the role in comedy, but also the strength to keep from laughing every few seconds as Carrey and Daniels were known to make everyone laugh while getting through their lines. So, yes, Jennifer definitely has her work cut out for her as she has chosen to be cast in the last installment of the Dumb & Dumber film; however, she just might stun the audience with her Academy Award winning skills.

Written by: Dianna Coudriet

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