Dying to Get Laid – Man Murdered and Dismembered in Philadelphia Apartment

‘Dying’ to Get Laid – Man Murdered and Dismembered in Philadelphia Apartment

I’m sure that when 40-year-old Frank Zarzycki made arrangements for a 3-way sexual tryst with himself and two prostitutes, Stephenie Foulke and Angel Watson; he was probably dying to get laid.  Even though he may have meant it in a sexual sense, it happened literally, when he was murdered and dismembered last week in a center city Philadelphia apartment.

My mother had a saying that went, “Each time you hear from home, it gets worse and worse.”  Translation:  Each time you read the papers or hear the news it’s worse than before.  My mother was right.

I can’t imagine what type of people would cold-bloodedly, ruthlessly and heartlessly lure someone to their home (or place of business) and then murder and dismember them for money or any other reason.  But even though I can’t imagine the act, Keith Tolbert, Angel Weston and Stephenie Foulke can, because the trio did just that.

According to Philadelphia Homicide Captain James Clark, “What started out as a planned robbery escalated to a murder by suffocation; and ended with Zarzycki’s body being chopped up, bagged up and thrown into the Schuylkill river.”  Clark also stated that Zarzycki, a Bucks County loan officer, was no stranger to the apartment 26 at 220 South 11th Street, which he frequented for prostitution services. Although neighbors in the apartment building didn’t recall seeing Zarzycki in the building, police identified him from the building’s video surveillance tape as he entered the building with a woman.

At some time while the two women and Zarzycki were involved in an act, it’s believed that Keith Tolbert, their alleged pimp, emerged and the three began to beat, Taser, and suffocate Zarzycki.  According to police, after Zarzycki died inside the apartment, the desperate trio dismembered his body in the bathtub with a hatchet, bagged it up, and tossed it in the Schuylkill River. A fisherman found the headless torso inside a bag along the Schuylkill River in Gray’s Ferry area.

Zarzycki, who was identified by tattoos on his upper back, was reported missing by his family a week ago.

Today police removed bags of evidence from the 11th street apartment. Currently Foulke, Watson and Tolbert remain in police custody without bail.


Written by DeBorah Heggs-Alston


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