Emmy Winner Michael Douglas Puts on Brave Front Alone

Emmy Winner Michael Douglas Puts on Brave Front AloneMichael Douglas cut a lonely figure on the Red Carpet at the 65th Emmy Awards last night. Without his wife, Catherine Zeta Jones, who was hundreds of miles across the globe in China, opening a brand new cinema complex, Douglas put on a brave front, arriving alone, but still wearing his wedding band on his ring finger, despite his earlier announcement of a split with his wife.

Douglas may have been alone, but he certainly did not appear to be lonely for long.  The Behind the Candelabra star had a talk with Ryan Seacrest about his role as the flamboyant Liberace in the movie, the pair talked about his costume preparation and style, while joking that there did not seem to be much call for that kind of look coming from the crowds that evening.

Mr. Douglas also discussed with Seacrest how taking up the role after his bout with cancer seemed to liberate his Liberace even more, seemingly to give the character more of what it needed.  He said that although this was his fifth Emmy nomination, it was also not the first time he had taken up a flamboyant character role, having once played an undercover gay cop in sitcom Will & Grace.  It was not long before a little comic relief came into play, in the form of another Emmy nominee, Jim Parsons, who plays hilarious nerd Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory, of which Douglas said he and his kids were huge fans.  Parsons could be seen giving the camera a comically surreptitious Sheldon-smile as he shook hands with Douglas.

Emmy Winner Michael Douglas Puts on Brave Front Alone
Jim Parsons, Michael Douglas and Ryan Seacrest

As Douglas stepped up to pose for the cameras, he was soon joined by his Behind the Candelabra co-star, Matt Damon and his stunning wife, Lucianna Barroso.  Flanked by Douglas, 68, and Damon, 42, Barroso added the warmth of her smile as well as some glamor to the pictures, clad in a spaghetti-strapped, gold-embroidered evening dress with matching clutch.  The acting duo had both been nominated for their performance in the film, which was directed by Oceans director and friend of Damon, Steven Soderbergh.article-2429689-182E4C6400000578-390_634x802

Douglas then went on to take the top honors for his Liberace role.  He thanked his wife Catherine Zeta Jones and kids, Dylan and Carys for all of their support, but gave his co-star, Matt Damon a special show of gratitude, telling Damon that he was “magnificent” and that the only reason that Douglas was standing there today was because of Damon.  Douglas added that because of that, Damon really deserved half of the award.  Behind the Candelabra went on to win three awards, including Douglas’s Best Actor and Best TV Movie.

And what of Jim Parsons?  Of course he scored a hat trick by winning his third Emmy for his role of Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory.

While he was backstage at the awards ceremony, Douglas talked about his son Cameron’s incarceration in a federal prison.  Cameron Douglas was jailed for drug dealing while being himself an addict.  Douglas said he was obviously disappointed with his son first and foremost for getting himself into so much trouble, although he did defend the fact that his son comes under the category of a drug-addicted prisoner who is non-violent.  As a result of his crime, Cameron Douglas was placed under two-year solitary confinement, which means that Douglas is not allowed to visit his son.

The strain was audible in Douglas’ voice, which almost broke, as he told of how his son had so far only done one year, meaning that if things remained as they are, he would not be able to see him for a further year.  He then went on to say that the disappointment he initially had for his son had now shifted to his disappointment with the federal prison system.  He spoke further on the improvements he could see that Attorney General Eric Holder has been making to the system with regard to non-violent prisoners and that he hoped this would mean that he could see his son soon.

One of the contributory factors to Douglas’ marriage break down was reported by sources as being due to the fact that Catherine Zeta Jones had not wished to play a part in the support of Douglas, as he campaigned to gain access to visit his son in prison.

Although Douglas did cut a lonely figure on the Red Carpet and put on a brave front, he most certainly was not alone.  After his fifth Emmy nomination, he finally won the top award for Best Actor for his portrayal of Liberace in the biopic, Behind the Candelabra.


Written by: Brucella Newman

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