Facebook Wants People to Like Its Ads

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Facebook wants people who come to its site to like its ads.  The company even wants to attempt to make them be less aggravating to consumers by only displaying what they desire to see, even if it happens to mean a drop in ad coverage for some sellers.

The company is changing its advertisement procedures to give users ads that are more appropriate for them. Facebook really wants people to like the ads it will be showing now.  They are at present taking information from both users and vendors into decision-making when they are determining how to place their announcements.  Nonetheless the social network will be now placing much more importance on response from Facebook users to choose which advertisements to show on the various users pages.

Hong Ge, Facebook’s engineering manager of news feed ads, stated that Facebook is working on giving out different forms of information on how to keep users up to speed on the ads to better the importance and quality of the advertisements users will view. People will like looking at ads of things that they already enjoy, instead of items which have nothing to do with their lives in general. It will end up helping business in the long run.

In deciding how to do this, Facebook is observing more and more at when users click the various buttons such as “like,” or “comment on”, or how people share ads with other individuals. For instance, if a person hides or blocks an ad which shows up on one of their screens, Facebook will begin showing that person less of those certain types of announcements, the company said. This really just seems to boil down to good common sense.

By putting additional importance on those certain kinds of indicators, Facebook believes that its users will look at more of the ads that apply to them personally and basically ignore those that are not interesting.  So, as an example, if someone is not a parent and hides all the ads for baby items and young children, fewer of those types of advertisements will appear in their news feed, Facebook said, eventually getting to where none of them will show up. The company has thought about doing this change for a few months now but finally decided to go ahead with it  in the past couple of weeks.

Marketers might be displeased by these adjustments, but Facebook is letting them know it has their benefit to good reason as well. The ad changes might create some unexpected alterations for how vendors’ ads are distributed across the board in the upcoming weeks and months, but Facebook added that the decision to do this will end up being better for the marketers that work with Facebook. The reasoning behind it is simple. Now their products will be getting to the individuals who are most interested in what they are selling. People will be able to like Facebook’s ads because they will be centered around things they personally use and enjoy.

Written by: Kimberly Ruble


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