Top 5 Annoying Social Media Trends and Features

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Social media sites have swept the globe at lightening speed. Over the course of the past decade, these sites have become embedded deeply into our lives. Previous articles have shown that more than half of the nearly billion users on Facebook check their profile before starting their day. As users continually climb up this imposing mountain, others sigh over some of the features. There are possibly dozens of annoying features and trends of social media, but there are specifically five that stand out.

  1. The Facebook Poke

Five Social Media Features and Trends That Are Annoying

Alas, you simply want to review your profile, check out a new friend and then an alert pops up. John Doe has Poked you! This stranger of irk didn’t send a message, but you may notice mutual friends connect you two together. This hit-on was as effective as sitting alone in your car and hearing someone catcall over to you. You look over and said person is on his bike, chatting on his cellphone and grinning your way. Luckily, even Facebook cringed at its use and quietly removed it. Now a message has to be sent, but a $1 charge may be added to that for some users (that’s for another article).

2.  The Twitter Created Hashtag

Five Social Media Features and Trends That Are Annoying

Yes, you may be wondering why the infamous hashtag has joined the five annoying trends of social media. See, once upon a time people used hashtags to navigate the social media giant, Twitter. Then something happened; this trend started to become #annoyingwhenusedwithnorealpurpose.

Furthermore, when the Guinness World Record for the longest Twitter hashtag has a place in history? It’s time to dub it as an annoying feature. Oh, for the curious minds, the longest hashtag that graced Guinness was awarded to Paul Horner of Phoenix Arizona. Due to the profane language in said winning hashtag, it is included as a link at the bottom of this article. #givemeabreak.


3.  Tagging

Five Social Media Features and Trends That Are Annoying

Hey, did you know Sally and Dave are celebrating their second anniversary? Evidently, Sally tagged Dave at their totally favorite restaurant (speaking of- Foursquare may creep up to this list). Honestly, the most annoying aspect of tagging seems to be pictures. Not many people want to be tagged in pictures, because it seems the worst possible pictures surface on Facebook to share on someone’s page. In addition, being tagged when having a drunken moment isn’t funny when your boss or in-laws have access to your page.



4.  LinkedIn’s Stalker Check of  “Who’s Viewed Your Profile.”

Five Social Media Features and Trends That Are Annoying

Guilty as charged. I have completely checked out someone’s profile when a co-worker calls and says “you gotta check this person out!” The nosy part of society doesn’t need a virtual trail LinkedIn! This feature is there as a curse to the nosy many, and those of us will naturally want to know who is checking us out. Click the link and you realize nothing exciting. Maybe some friends, or even a potential new employer. Basically, this wasted link needs to be removed! Why should we be crucified or caught for being nosy?!


5.     Pinterest

Five Social Media Features and Trends That Are Annoying

That’s it. Yes, nothing specific about Pinterest, just the whole darn thing! Sorry, to those who really enjoy this social media picture book. This can’t be a solo annoying trend, but the Pin it! is getting out of hand for many people. Many people have pinned shoes, purses, recipes, shirts, decorating ideas with no motivation to well actually complete the idea. Sure, I get it- those amazing $600 shoes is just a window shopping desire. Then it was pinning the fabulous looking wall paint, and never doing it. Then ridiculous things started getting pinned like the bullet wreath, the button adorned desk tree, wine cork chairs, the bowl made from yarn. It just became silly.


This is a list comprised from an Internet review from users. Many of these trends or features you may enjoy, others just don’t. If you have your own idea of an annoying feature or trend to add to this growing list of five, comment below!

Angelina Bouc

Guinness World Record-Longest Hashtag