Former Soldier ‘Rambo’ Pleads Innocent to Planning Drug-Related Murder

Former Soldier Rambo appears in court and pleads innocent

According to NBC News, a former Army sergeant, going by the moniker “Rambo,” pleaded innocent in federal court, after it was alleged he had enlisted the assistance of a number of ex-soldiers in planning the murder a federal officer and import supplies of cocaine.

“Rambo,” whose birth name is Joseph Hunter (aged 48), was captured and arrested in Phuket, Thailand, and was subsequently sent to the U.S. District Court, in New York, to face charges.

Based upon information divulged from indictment documents, Hunter served a period of time in the Army (1983 – 2004), before allegedly going on to become a contract killer.

Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) officials went undercover, pretending to be involved in the Columbian drug trade, during May. The DEA agents then hired Hunter and his four recruits as security.

According to the indictment, Hunter was then offered a “bonus job,” which required the assassination of a DEA officer and informant. It is alleged that Hunter agreed to the terms of the mission in an e-mail, stating “My guys are on it.”

Hunter then gathered an additional two recruits, who were also former soldiers, to help execute the assassination; they included Dennis Gogel (aged 27) and Timothy Vamvakias (aged 42); Gogel and Vamvakias were recently arrested in Liberia, whilst the other two suspects were detained in Estonia, earlier on in the week.

According to NBC News, the group were promised $700,000, whilst Hunter was due to gain an extra $100,000 for taking the operation’s lead.

By: James Fenner

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