Global Warming Horror Upon the Earth [Video]

The Earth

The horror of global warming has been made official.  It is at least by scientists who have released a huge climate report put out by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. It is being reported that human beings has caused the planet to warm. Scientists on the panel say this with 95 percent certainty.

A couple of the reasons the earth’s temperature has gone higher because of fossil fuels being burnt, and forests being cleared. No one should be surprised at this information. All of this has been known for quite a while.

But in the report are new-fangled specifics, including human beings are going to have to keep most of our fossil-fuel in the ground if we expect the heating to stay below 2ºC, the temperature which is called perilous by the world’s leaders if we want to halt global warming horror.

People can control how much of the Earth that will warm in the upcoming decades. It can be 1ºC or less of global warming or it will be an appalling 4ºC. Human effects on the environment are more and more prevalent.

The leaders of the world agree that 2ºC is the temperature of hazardous global warming and it is to be avoided if at all possible. The IPCC report reads that we must keep most of our coal, gas, and oil in the ground if we want to obtain that objective.

Humans have released about 531 billion tons of carbon since the time of the Industrial Revolution. Researchers believe humans can only produce about another 469 billion tons if we want a decent chance  at having global warming stay under 2ºC.

At the present time, we have an estimated 3 trillion tons or so of carbon in reserve in oil, coal, and gas. That means humans are only going to be able to use about one-sixth of what we have left. The other fuels would have to stay put down in the ground.

Oceans are going to keep raising their levels even if we halted carbon usage tomorrow. Yet humans can decide between medium rise and extreme sea rise. Even if humans are able to stop some emissions even intensely, there will be some sea level rise in the future decades, maybe even a meter by the end of this century, and ongoing after that.

The below video explains in a bit more detail about the oceans and fossil fuels:

Some scientists do not believe humans will ever stop releasing emissions and have decided to look toward ideas such as “geoengineering” which might cool down the Earth. These concepts aim to intentionally try and alter the climate. There is insufficient knowledge at this time to really know what would happen and how much CO2 emissions would be moderately counterbalanced by the geoengineering during a large time period.

If this method is reliable and has the potential to significantly change the Earth’s climate temperature rise, they would also change the global water progression, and would not be able to lessen ocean acidification. With the water changing so much, we would then be right back on the path to global warming horror of untold magnitude.

Written by: Kimberly Ruble



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