Grand Theft Auto 5 Actors Revealed [Video]

The Faces Behind the Voices



Grand Theft Auto 5 actors


Let’s start with the awesome trio: Michael, Franklin, and the loveable Trevor – all three will be revealed with interesting tidbits about the actors behind the characters in Grand Theft Auto 5.

Ned Luke plays the Character Michael De Santa, a criminal who came from humble beginnings and eventually made a successful career out of crime. Such a character is a far cry from Luke’s personality as Luke attended the University of Illinois where he was also a fraternity member; however, his background is steeped in the film and television industry. He had roles in popular television shows and movie such as The Nutty Professor, Boardwalk Empire, Third Watch, Law & Order, JAG, Diagnosis Murder, The Pretender, and a variety of daytime soap operas.

Shawn Fonteno plays the character, Franklin Clinton, one of the three main criminals who also came from a dysfunctional background. His history is rife with life as a drug dealer, gangbanger, and many other talents into which a dysfunctional life may propel a young man. Not much information of Fonteno is divulged as there are no other films or television projects that the public is aware of; though, it seems he has much to say about the film and television industry. His take on the current industry is simple, as he mentioned that Grand Theft Auto 5 and other games alike are taking over the film industry and that, because of the successful numbers the game pulled on the first day it was released, Hollywood actors need to look out.

Steven Ogg plays everyone’s favorite character, Trevor Philips, a nutjob with an unforgettable personality. Trevor Philips is a character that you do not grow to love – you simply love him right off the bat. His character is a mixture of crazy and psychotic with a pinch of tough love. Trevor has a standing rift with Michael as there was a falling out between the two.  Steven Ogg is a Canadian actor who is no stranger to the small screen as he has acted in shows such as Law & Order, Third Watch, The Sandman, and a soap opera. Interesting enough, Grand Theft Auto 5 is not the only videogame he has voiced over – Ride to Hell, Cursed Mountain, and Alone in the Dark paved his way to his successful role as Trevor Philips.

Though Grand Theft Auto 5 has used fewer celebrities in this installment, known actors such as Lazlow Jones, Ricky Gervais, Katt Williams, and singer, Phil Collins were revealed as radio participants in some of the other games. The reasons Rockstar has chosen not to go the celebrity route this time around is to make the game more about the game and not famous voices. What is remarkable is how much Grand Theft Auto 5 has skyrocketed the game’s unknown actors into stardom. It is strange that, as much as some of their big and small screen careers have expanded, none will have the notoriety that Grand Theft Auto 5 had accomplished the first day it was distributed globally.


Written by: Dianna Coudriet

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