GTA V Bombshell Revealed!

GTA V Bombshell Revealed!

GTA V, the video game that’s all the rage (pun intended) has inspired a man to go on a real-life crime spree, because, he told investigators, he had been playing Grand Theft Auto and “wanted to see if it was as much fun in real life” as it was in the new GTA V game he had just been playing. This bombshell announcement was revealed just last week. The man stole a car, kidnapped a woman, and smashed up numerous other cars in the process.

But this bombshell revelation was not the first time the game has inspired real-life criminals; far from it. In fact, numerous real-life crimes have been inspired by the game. Some have been deadly, and some were stopped before anyone could get hurt. Last year, a little boy, just 11 years old, stole the family car and went on a joyride. He was caught before any major accidents took place, but he told investigators he was attempting to recreate scenes from the game.

Psychologist Stacy Kaiser says that doctors are seeing an upswing in people, both children and adults, who attempt to recreate the games because the game play is so realistic. “We’re seeing cases of kids emulating these games because the games are so realistic they want the sensation of the real experience in real life.” ABC News reports that the makers of Grand Theft Auto would not respond to any media requests for commentary on this latest real-life crime spree.

According to at least five major medical and psychological associations, including the American Medical Association, media violence has been linked to increased aggression, and this is supported by thousands of studies and two large meta-analysis.

Despite these findings, the statements of five major associations and recorded, official police reports about crimes inspired by Grand Theft Auto, there are many people who like to play video games who don’t believe there is any link between violent video games and increased aggression. There are also numerous scientists who have published their own studies stating that video games are not linked to aggression.

Some people feel that because they themselves play video games and are not violent, that means that there is no link between video games and an increase in aggression. These same people also deny accounts such as the one which happened over the weekend. For example, there was a story about an 8 year old boy who killed his grandmother after playing GTA V and investigators concluded that the game inspired him to shoot his grandmother in the head. Despite there being police reports stating this fact, hundreds or people took to social media to deny the video game had anything to do with the killing. Those same people also launched many ad hominem attacks on the reporters who delivered the news as “retarded,” “idiotic,” ‘moronic,” “stupid,” “unprofessional,” and accused them of having “no journalistic integrity.”

Now, a new GTA V bombshell has been revealed over the weekend with the theft and kidnapping that was carried out by a man who told investigators he wanted to see if the game was as fun in real life as on the screen. Despite this recorded fact, there will undoubtedly be people who deny it happened or simply resort to name calling the person reporting the news.

By: Rebecca Savastio

Psychology Today

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