GTA V Buried Treasure of Money and Other Secrets [Video]

GTA V hardcore gamers

For the GTA V hardcore gamers with loads of free time, who would rather seek treasure and other secrets on their own, this is a spoiler. For the other hardcore gamers, read on.

Yes, that is right – glorious loot and another GTA V buried treasure and other Easter egg hunt secrets. The one thing that has made game play a bit tiresome is the continuous grinding – grinding to pay for virtual items, or a hot coffee moment with a good time gal. The best part about living in a virtual community is having the choice to further the cause of the old mighty dollar – getting back what will eventually be given back to the virtual community, and being able to do it in style.

The beauty of GTA V is the ability to do whatever to whomever or whatever in the interactive world of Trevor, Michael, and Franklin. To cover a large virtual area, one must realize the reason virtual money is important. Having a leg up means more opportunities. More opportunities mean a long and seamless game play for all who are already obsessed with GTA 5. Here are a few hints to get a move on to the virtual life that is meant to be at this very moment – the moment for which gamers, who have that second job and cannot quite get enough paper to purchase virtual luxuries or virtual basic necessities, give two thumbs up. Let’s get started, bunnies.

Grab $12,000 by navigating a speedboat out in the middle of the ocean and diving for it. The swim takes a moment but the effort is well worth it – who said Easter eggs were easy? The video below is easy to follow and does help with navigation.

Get an easy $4,000 by driving to a location to a location to do a hit-and-run, grab the loot, and speed away to hide out until the sirens stop. After the hit, do not bother killing the target, and get back into the car and continue driving to a location to hide.

A powerful minigun is another treasure that allows you to enjoy a powerful gun on the streets. However, getting to the gun is not as easy as it should seem. The location is in Fort Zancudo, which means the police does not have jurisdiction – the military does, which also means tanks and all sorts of military armament will be welcoming the unlucky intruder.

Get a $1,000,000 car – a Bugatti Veyron, aka, Adder – which will spawn on a location on the map. This car is sleek, fast, and probably the best car to have in the virtual world of GTA V.

GTA V is having a phenomenal week for gamers, who are happily obsessed with the open-world exploration of the expansive, virtual city. On top of that, gamers have the pleasure of going off mission to the many distractions a virtual world could give as the offerings of buried treasure and other secrets continue to dismantle the frustrations of reality.

Written by: Dianna Coudriet

$12,000 at the bottom of the ocean:

Easy $4,000:


Bugatti Veyron: