GTA V iFruit App Delays Android Users from Chop the Dog

Los Santos Customs and Manual missing for millions

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Anger is stemming in the Android community! One GTA V buyer reached out to Guardian Express to state the frustration and disappointment in Rockstar Games. Gamer Goreala stated the iFruit app which enhances the gaming experience is only available to Apple users via the App Store. Rockstar had left a message alert on their site advising the app would soon arrive for Android devices via Google Play. This is baffling many Android users as it pretty notorious Android app creation is easier. On top of that, Apple users are further causing waves by bragging about the features of the iFruit app, especially pet companion Chop the dog.

GTA V iFruit Delays Android Users from Chop the Dog

Dedicated gamers, especially to the Rockstar brand have delivered a bounty of over $1 billion to the company. The outrage is real and honestly it is justifiable.  Gamers are missing out on serious gameplay action that enhances the user experience. The features include: Los Santos Customs, Chop the Dog and The Manual. Breaking down the features shows where the anger is understood.

  • Los Santos Customs – Gamers have the access and pure creative freedom to create their own vehicle. Not to create further irk in the Android community but gamers can create their own personalized plates. Much like visiting the BMV, the personalized plate orders are limited. This can leave millions of Android users out in the cold when it comes to ordering their own. Users can review upgrades on the car, such as the brakes, engine and wheels. Include a bad-ass spoiler to rock the GTA world.
  • Chop the Dog – If Franklin is a favorite character to interact with, gamers will love his canine sidekick, Chop the Dog. The Chop app assists the gamer in feeding, playing and watering the content pooch. Gamers may face an unpleasant surprise if they neglect the rotty.
  • GTA V Manual – This feature missing from any buyer is a crying shame. The manual is no longer in a book format. Rockstar was innovative in delivering the manual via app access to locate features, credits and finding points of interest. It seems common sense did not reign to put this manual on the site or another accessible format for all users to download easily.

GTA V iFruit Delays Android Users from Chop the Dog

Over a week ago (a day after the iOS download) iOS device holders had the opportunity to access the apps. Android device holders waited patiently, and now that patience is turning into outright anger. Gamers smashed Rockstar with intense sales and want the promise of apps fulfilled. Windows users are also waiting for this app- there has been no word from Rockstar if BlackBerry users will receive an app, causing a greater level of discontent. Further still are gamers who own no mobile phones and may lose out on all of the feature apps available.

Gamers like Goreala continue to wait and many more have already completed the game without an app. The buyers are hitting forums and even the Rockstar site to share their anger over what seems like a deal of exclusivity between Apple and Rockstar. It appears that way when the app is called iFruit and no name or release date for Android has been suggested or hinted.

What has been hinted are fraud apps on the Google Play store. This of course becomes a catch-22 for Rockstar. If scammers are seemingly creating apps in abundance on the Google Play store, why can’t a highly popular gaming powerhouse? Gamers should thoroughly review any apps on the Google Play store before downloading them. If unofficial and not released by Rockstar, do not download the app. It can create severe issues with your current OS and change settings or worse access information.

Official iOS iFruit app
Official iOS iFruit app


Unofficial on Google Play- do not download!
Unofficial on Google Play- do not download!

Android users are showing disappointment with a brand they invested money into. Rockstar should have foreseen the impending strike back from gamers when separating app access to enhance game play. Hopefully, Rockstar will rectify this for Android, Windows and even non-mobile gamers and not join the list of companies on the gamer blacklist. The website Care 2 Petition Site is an online meeting place for gamers to demand refunds of online gaming. One has to sadly wait to see how Rockstar will resolve over this failed app download for Android users.


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