GTA Codes for Life

Getting Their Attention! The Secret Codes for Not Cheating at Life

GTA Codes for Life

In recent days a distinct trend has emerged.  There’s been story after story about the hot new video game Grand Theft Auto.  It has become so popular, it merely goes by GTA for short.  Anything GTA seems to be the word of the day and immediately clicked on the internet.  Granted, the applause is well deserved for such a product that makes people go wild and run out to purchase it; the sales and interest has been spectacular, but giving the alright, way to go speech may be premature.  As millions have waited for this new game, their own lives may be idling and devoid of meaning.  If the main reason for waking up is to play a video game and then learn how to CHEAT at it, the purpose of life has become a useless waste of time.  Are you getting the addiction?

Put down the console for a few moments; Grab The Anchovies off the pizza and forfeit a game or fifty to Get The Access to the Greatest Tips Achieved in life and love.  Are you still interested?  Can you Guess The Answers?  Gobble The Apple or Guzzle The Alcohol, as you read and Get The Access to some secret codes of life!

Getting Tired Already?  Codes for Parents.

Some of the die-hard fans of the new video game are parents of teens and toddlers.  They cannot wait for their child to go to bed after the long day.  They want to relax and have some fun with video games that might not be suitable for children.  Is that too much to ask?  The kids need to be in bed by a certain time, to keep to a routine and wake up for school.  Adult schedules seem to be flexible with the availability of caffeine and working from home allowances.  The baby cries in the next room, the toddler asks for water and wanders out in a dirty diaper, the teen announces a special project they need supplies for.  The kids are trying to Get The Attention you have been hiding.  Sure, you go to the zoo and their favorite fast food places on the weekend, maybe even buy them a new toy or something.  They want you!  They do not want to be shoved aside in favor of bills to pay and games to play.  They cry and whine until you are fed up.  Your patience has run thin and you deserve a break!  Time to break all barriers with the next level of GTA!  Life is short, spend time with your legacies!  Give Them Attention!

Growing Through Adolescence:  Codes for Teens

Peer pressure is tough and not very fun.  Trying to fit in and Getting The Acne is the worst!  Fitting in with friends is more of a goal than learning anything in school.  Fights with friends, the drama, the drudgery of household chores and homework is boring.  Did we say boring!!?  What can I do?  Can I do this?  Why are you so mean?  Can I have some money?  Some teens find outlets by working odd jobs and buying a few extras with their spending money, while others think big and plan for the future.  They work hard, study and save money like a miser.  They latch on to special friends and celebrities like a leech.  They could well find a new video game they have been saving for, to while away their woes.  They may develop other bad habits that cause them to Grow Through Addiction.  The challenge of the game is GTA!  Give Them Attention!

Giving Total Affection: Codes for Loving

Attracting and keeping a mate is serious business.  All attention and devotion is needed by the body and mind.  Say the right thing, be loving and attentive, respect their pride and privacy.  Spending time together means giving up TV shows, household chores and video games for special time that can not be redone.   They are your main focus and distractions can interfere with the love you want to share.  Your beloved has come into your life for a reason and to keep their heart with yours is to sacrifice your own interests and join hands together.  Hug and kiss, for one day you will miss the love of your life you are bonded to.  Keep it all in perspective and do your own thing as time allows.  Getting sidetracked with video games and social media can cause failing at the Greatest Time of All.  Your devotion to your spouse or partner deserves the highest level of achievement, way beyond the path of a computer generated thrill.  Give Them Attention!

Gaining The Attitude:  Codes for the Workplace

Landing a job to your liking is everyone’s goal.  Being qualified and willing to strive for the necessary requirements is both satisfying and encumbering.  It takes a lot of commitment and drive to show the boss you are willing to do what it takes.  Showing up each day on time and ready to work, whether it be in a restaurant, factory or office, leaves a lasting impression.  Being grumpy or out of sorts because you lost at your video game will only serve to alienate you from your source that pays your bills.  Full awareness is needed on the job, so save the fun and games for the weekend or your next day off.  Do your job and do it well.  You may just well be rewarded by Getting The Advancement!  Give Them Attention!

Glorifying The Angels:  Codes for Church and Community

You do not have to belong to a church or have any moral code.  Everything is ultimately our own choice.  But somehow, there is always a little voice that tells you when you are doing something wrong.  There is always a voice that assures you when it is right.  Humans have built-in monitors we have named the conscience.  We know instinctively when we continue to disobey and satisfy our own pleasures.  As neighbors, we try to out-do the others with our beautiful lawns and ideal family.  In the community or at church, we pretend to do well, worship, serve and Glean The Amen as we race home to our own lives.  The game is on pause and awaits our next move.  The rest of the world can gladly wait as time on the clock ticks away with clicks of the mouse.  The message for our lives is Going Through All, no matter what.  Give The Attention to your destiny!

If playing GTA  and breaking the codes to cheat is your goal,  remember the goals for your own life as you win and succeed.  The challenges are many, we live and learn along the way.  We only get one life, so Give This All you have!!  If you have a GTA to add, please comment!

Grateful Thoughts Abound!!

By: Roanne FitzGibbon