Heather Morris to Pilox Away the Baby Weight?

Heather pre-baby


Less than 48 hours ago, former Glee star, dancer, actor, singer and suspected entertainment super-ninja, Heather Morris gave birth to a bouncing baby boy, Elijah. The birth of her son is the latest chapter in her All-American romance with Taylor Hubbell, who she has known since high school. Now that their big day is over, there must be a lot on their minds, but somewhere between planning Elijah’s first day at kindergarten and college gradation, Heather Morris must be thinking to herself, “how am I gonna lose all this baby weight?…with piloxing that’s how!”

I’m a fitness nut, and I’ve seen it all. Convict Conditioning, Tae Bo, kettlebells, but until today I had never heard of piloxing, which has become a favorite past time for the athletically inclined Morris. So what exactly is piloxing, and why does Heather do it? Piloxing is a hybrid of pilates, boxing, and dance.  Quite frankly, it looks a lot like Zumba with weighted gloves.  It’s for those who want a little aggression in their workouts but not too much.

Pilates has long been a favored workout regimen for dancers like Morris.  Often, they are looking to craft a particular physical aesthetic to highlight the dancerly lines they spend lifetimes cultivating.  However, it tends to lack in power and metabolic conditioning.  It makes sense that Heather Morris would want to pilox away the baby weight, kill three birds with one stone. In a few weeks, I’m sure it’ll have taken over the fitness world.  Meanwhile, I’ve got two left feet so I’ll be sticking to the kettlebells.


Written  By David Arroyo

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