Hidden Letter of Syrian Parliament

Hidden Letter of Syrian Parliament

Debate over the strike on Syria is shaking up the world. While the USA government is convinced that chemical weapons were used by the regime of Bashar- al-Assad, Syria denies all allegations talking about the prove supporting their claim. Now the proof the Syrian government is counting on is revealed in a letter sent by the Speaker of the Syrian Parliament to his American counterpart John Boehner.  Unfortunately, the letter goes almost silent like there is something to hide.

The letter sent to the Speaker of the US House of Representatives was written on September 4th and was asked to be read aloud in front of the Members of the American Congress deciding now whether US military should strike Syria. Unfortunately, it is not widely publicized for the American public.

The letter is very touching indeed.

“We write you as fathers and mothers, as members of families and communities which really are not so different to yours. Moreover, we write to you as human beings asking: if you bomb us, shall we not bleed? The innocent people will be harmed.”

But the letter is more than just an attempt to touch congressmen’s hearts. Pointing to the common goal of the USA and Syria as fighting terrorists, Jihad Al-Laham on behalf of the Syrian People’s Assembly tries to prove his case and turn everyone’s attention to the fact that opposition led by Al-Qaeda members used chemical weapons.

Jihad Al-Laham brings the case of a chemical attack on March 19, 2013 in Aleppo which affected civilians and military personal. According to him, the Syrian government asked for an UN investigation, but an investigators team was delayed by US, France, UK.

On May 30, 2013 Turkey captured a terrorist group with two liters of sarin gas. On June 1, 2013 the Iraqi Army also captured a terrorist group on the Iraqi – Syrian border and confiscated chemical weapons and the remote control of a small helicopter. Both groups, according to the Syrian Speaker, were related to an Islamic fundamentalist terrorist movement, and fight on the Syrian opposition side now.

As Mr. Al-Laham points out, Nusra Front – an Islamic organization presumably affiliated with Al-Qaeda- possess chemical weapons and had intentions of using it during attacks on Muaaret al Numan and suburbs of Aleppo. All evidence was passed to the Russian and Chinese diplomatic missions in Damascus on July 28, 2013.

In his letter Mr Al-Laham makes a statement that opposition groups fighting in Syria are very closely connected to the hatred Wahhabi Jihadist Ideology responsible for the 9/11 attack.

The letter sent by the Syrian Speaker to John Boehner arouses lots of questions to both sides.

If the Syrian authorities gave all their evidence to the Russian and Chinese diplomatic missions, why could theynot give them to the USA diplomats as well? Why did not they bring them to the UN Security Council or independent experts?

Why Syria still did not sign the Chemical Weaponry Convention?

Why did it oppose the UN investigation team working in the area affected by the chemical attack?

Why talks about giving up all Syrian chemical weapons under the international control coincided with the threats of strikes on Syria?

And talking about terrorists, who created a perfect environment for radicalization if not the Syrian government cracking down on peaceful demonstrations of protesters two years ago, calling everybody who opposes “terrorists”, marginalizing them and turning them into organized military resistance connected with real terrorists? Who must be blamed for this? America? France? Britain?

What about 100,000 Syrians that were killed already and two million refugees starting their lives outside Syria? The letter written by the Syrian Speaker does not have a single word about any possible peaceful reconciliation inside Syria.

At the same time, there are questions for the American side.

Why is the “proof” Mr.Al-Laham provides not openly discussed? Though the letter was sent on September 4th, not many people know about it, and a point of the Syrian People’s Assembly is not widely publicized.

Even if the points made by the Syrian Speaker are wrong and prove nothing, still the American public has a right to hear an authoritative answer to each of them before making an irreversible decision. And if they are right, why do not we hear about that also?

Secrets take us to no good. The Syrian government tried to hide so many of them, so it lost trust of the international community. But if there is one single chance for them to do it right, giving up their chemical weaponry and proving their innocence, let’s listen and investigate. One point the Syrian Speaker makes definitely right in his letter, regardless of the side you are taking, is the price for action or non action – lives of innocent people.

By Alsu Salakhutdinov

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