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The iFruit companion app and the game manual remain pipe dreams for GTA V users on Android devices. What’s the problem? RockStarGames released their latest Grand Theft Auto sensation before their Google Play apps were ready, and fans are not being patient about the oversight! The spoofed name really says it all, in fact: iFruit is for iPads and not Androids. In the opening week for GTA V and GTA V Online, Apple-equipped fans have access to the game manual and Android users don’t. Android fans can’t download the Los Santos Customs or Chop the Dog apps either, and that has them steaming.

The companion apps are free, but what good is free when you can’t access them? RockStarGames, the developer behind GTA V and the iFruit app, has asked its fans to be patient while it finishes the Android versions of the apps and assured them that the website will notify them as soon as downloads are made available. After being pestered relentlessly by angry Android gamers on the RockStarGames website, the company also stated that despite popular belief, it has no prior agreement with Apple and the company is indeed working very hard to publish Chop the Dog, Los Santos Customs and the gaming manual to Google Play.

The most patient of fans could understand having to wait for complementary gaming apps, but who can come to terms with not having access to the GTA V manual? Right now, it can only be downloaded via The App Store. Although the Apple download was experiencing glitches from the get-go, RockStarGames has already fixed the problems and updated the app – if you have had trouble with your iFruit on an Apple device then you need to download the new version ASAP.

What are Android gamers missing out on besides the 100-page manual? 2 apps called “Los Santos Customs” and “Chop the Dog.” The first app allows gamers to create their own customized vehicle from any point in the game. As RockStarGames puts it, “At the bar, on the beach, on the toilet.” Vehicles can be updated with paint, colored exhaust, hoods, spoilers, wheels and custom license plates. Players can even upgrade their engine, suspension, horn and select body armor for maximum mayhem. “Chop the Dog” is a virtual pet that has it all – high definition, play time, hunger needs and poop. The app lets players actually take care of the dog and reap the benefits later. If you play as the character Franklin, you’ll be rewarded for taking good care of Chop as he defends your honor and keeps you out of harms way.


Fake iFruit GTA V Android app downloads are popping up all over Google Play, so impatient gamers should not click until RockStarGames tells them to! Unfortunately for Android users, there is no word yet about when we can expect to see the anxiously-awaited manual and apps hit Google Play, and that’s not making non-Apple mobile gamers feel any more empathy towards the game’s developers. Some users are insisting they be refunded by RockStarGames, while others question the decision to release the game before all apps were completed. Meanwhile, Chop the dog is suffering.

by Mandy Gardner

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