Infant Shot and Killed in Brooklyn

A 1-year-old boy was shot and killed in gunfire on Livonia Ave in Booklyn. No arrests have been made.

Infant Shot and Killed in Brooklyn

Antiq Hennis was being pushed in his stroller only a block from his home when tragedy struck. The one year old was hit directly in the head by one of four bullets fired intended for his father. The shot went into the left side of his skull and ended up taking his life near Livonia Ave in Brooklyn.

The boy was pronounced dead around 9 pm after being taken in to Brookdale University Hospital. Witnesses say the baby was still breathing on the scene but had his eyes closed. His father went into fits of rage. Both parents were only inches away from Antiq when shooting took place around 7:20 pm Sunday evening.

No one has been taken in for questioning and no arrests have been made on Antiq’s behalf yet.