iPad 5 Release Date and Specs Leaked

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Rumors are hitting the tech mill that Apple may be looking to unveil the iPad 5 in mid-October. If Apple remains true to their release trend, a mid-October date can almost be guaranteed based on previous years. Rumors suggest the event will be held October 15 and the guest of honor may just be the iPad 5. The manufacturer Sw-Box released information on the iPad 5 outer hardware.

It is suggested two colors will be initially released, the Space Gray and Silver. Longtime CNET source Sonny Dickson has a list of sources in China who are aware of the hottest leads in all things Apple, suggests the information seems reliable. In addition to the October rumored release date of the 15th, the specs detail more information on the impending release.

  • 9.7-inch screen will remain with the iPad 5.
  • Leaked images of the hardware speculate the thickness, or rather slimness of the product would be 7.2mm.
  • The iPad 5 will allegedly be 25 percent lighter than its iPad 4 predecessor.
  • The touchscreen will be updated as the GF2 touchscreen which is housed on the iPad mini.
  • The iPad 5 is rumored to be narrower and will have an 8-megapixel camera with an 128GB version.
  • Rumors are leaking Apple has developed a UV Mask with an Anti-Reflection Coating. This will make the iPad 5 more outdoors friendly by reducing glare.
  • Additional colors continue to swirl on the rumor mill. Some outlets suggest the same colors available for the iPhone 5S will be available on the iPad 5. This might create another level of insanity if the iPad 5 is released in Gold.

Based on surface level details of the iPad 5, it does not seem to be much different from the iPad 4 Retina display – one missing feature not mentioned from the basket of rumors. The camera will be slightly better, but leaves many to wonder if that is the only improvement. One item that can sway this information is if rumors prove correct on the processor. Yes, the iPad 5 may come equipped with the A7 64-bit chip. The iPad 4 Retina has the following features:

  • 9.7-inch Retina display.
  • A6X quad-core graphics chip.
  • 5-megapixel iSight camera.
  • Available up to 128GB of memory storage.
  • Battery is good up to 10 hours of active use.

iPad 5 Release Date and Specs Leaked

Overall based on the information listed above, the iPad 5 may create another level of disappointment for Apple buyers. The slimmer build, varying array of colors and possible faster chip would be a benefit for buyers, especially if left at the same price as its predecessor. This would lead to another question session on the evolutionary steps of Apple since the depressing passing of Steve Jobs. It seems the tech stunner has taken creativity to rest with him.

Tim Cook is failing to impress a larger audience of significant changes in the Apple brand. Speaking to customers last week who left the Apple store with the iPhone 5S did provide, for the first time, a positive approach for Cook and Apple. Many customers were pleasantly surprised by the speed of the iPhone 5S and enjoyed the TouchID.

It will be interesting to witness what level of the ante Apple will up with the iPad 5. In about two weeks, a rumored event may be held by Apple to discuss information or the release of a product. No distinctive information has been given regarding the event, directly from Apple. Not surprising, the tech giant has never been easy to receive information from. The iPad 5 spec leaks will continue and Guardian Express will continue to update the public. While the event is scheduled potentially for October 15, speculation remains if the release date will be then or days later. Will you be looking to purchase the latest generation of the iPad?


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