iPhone 5 vs. the iPhone 5S

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When the iPhone5 is put side by side with the iPhone5S in comparison, Apple’s newest crown jewel is quicker when it comes to booting, running benchmarks and unlocking, but it is not much faster when it comes to using actual applications. What happens when the iPhone5 vs. the iPhone 5S in epic smartphone battle? The answers may be surprising.

Out in the real world, the majority of apps are almost the same for each phone. The iPhone5 does an excellent job on what it is supposed to and really it is kind of hard to improve on something that is already that fast.

While running the SunSpider Javascript test, a researcher discovered found that the 5S just about doubled the iPhone 5′s performance, smashing through the top speed mark in 426 milliseconds compared to the 5′s 707 milliseconds. On GeekBench 3, the iPhone 5S racked up an impressive 2,561 to the older 5′s 1,304.

Now these numbers may sound huge, about twice the speed, and they are totally in line with AnandTech’s meticulous iPhone 5S benchmarking, which shows off Apple’s new 64-bit chip for smartphones that is equal to desktop performance and to some lower-end CPUs for laptops and now outdated netbooks. To basically put it another way, these are stunning abilities in a phone that you might be carrying around.

Yet this still does not answer the question about real world performance and if that has been improved in the battle of the iPhone 5 vs. the iPhone 5S. For most iPhone apps, there really just is not that much in the way of difference. Out in the world is where people want to see and feel the transformation. The biggest change seems to be with the intense graphics games. Some people play those but not everyone. So that adjustment does not mean a lot to many people.

However, the video and picture capabilities that Apple has put into the iPhone 5S are amazing. There is slow motion and high-definition video and stylish photo manufacturing. You can layer your photos and also auto-stack them. You can select your favorite shots from multiple layers and they are all processed with intensive processor units. The iPhone 5S will do all this for you without any delay.

Yet now if you want to own an iPhone, you may not have any choice but to get the iPhone 5S or its cheaper counterpart, the 5C, because the iPhone 5 was officially discontinued by Apple on September 10, 2013. Since Apple decided not to keep the iPhone 5 on as their main model, it is the iPhone now with the second shortest shelf-life to date with only 355 days on the market. It follows the original iPhone which was on the market for only 347 days.

However, back to you owners of the iPhone 5, are the above things mentioned things that are important to you in real life? If not, then the iPhone 5 will continue to serve you well and this contest of the iPhone 5 vs. the iPhone 5S really does not matter. Just be glad you were lucky enough to have been able to purchase an iPhone 5 if you really did want one.


Written by: Kimberly Ruble


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